5 Best Foot Spas Reviewed in 2021

Do you have foot problems? Are you tired of searching for a foot spa that meets your needs without being able to identify one? Here is an in-depth review that comprehensively reviews five best foot spas. We compiled this review after spending considerable effort and time on each model. We have listed and explained the features of each of these models and answered frequently asked questions about the foot spas.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Foot Spas

1.NURSAL Foot Spa MassagerNURSAL
2.HoMedics FB-55HoMedics
3.Ivation IVAFTSPA (Best Foot Spa)Ivation
4.Artnaturals ANEA-0005ArtNaturals
5.Giantex EP23286Giantex

5 Best Foot Spas Reviewed

1. NURSAL Foot Spa Massager

The NURSAL foot spa basin is classy, effective, and very impressive. It comes with a wide range of features and functions that provide the ultimate foot massage experience.

NURSAL Foot Spa Massager
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Precise digital control: The NURSAL foot massager comes with a digital control and a digital LED display that is easy to read. The display enables you to see and monitor the status of the massage. On the other hand; the control functions enable you to set your preferred massage options according to your precise needs.

Multi-insulation protection: This foot massager features safety measures that protect you from the risk of electrocution and burns. It comes with double overheating and multi insulation protection, which is perfect at protecting you from any risks. The double overheating protection, maintain a constant temperature, therefore, protecting you against electric shock and burns.

Controlled heating: The NURSAL foot spa heats up instantly. You do not have to wait for a long time for water to heat up. Furthermore, you do not have to add hot water during the massage session. This is because the heating feature is consistent, and you can control the temperatures from 95 F up to 118 F.

Bubbles massage: NURSAL footbath offers the bubble massage feature that utilizes water. This feature reduces fatigue in your feet and enhances blood circulation. Also, the bubbles massage relieves numbness and muscle fatigue.

Rolling massage: The massager consists of 11 mini multi-rollers that offer excellent kneading. It helps in relievingfatigue, soreness, muscle tension,aches,and joint pains.

  • Highly effective in relievingnumbness, aches, and muscle tension
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Features a durable construction
  • It Delivers high-quality massage
  • The bubble massage is somehow weak
  • Rollers are not motorized

Summary: The health of your feet has a significant impact on your general well-being. Investing in a NURSAL foot spa will ensure your blood circulation and metabolism is improved and enhanced. It is an outstanding, affordable, and a very effective foot spa.

2. HoMedics FB-55

Do you like to treat your foot after a veryhectic day at work? If you do then, the Homedics bubble mate foot spa is your perfect match. It produces oxygen bubbles, which are excellent atsoothing and relaxing your feet.

HoMedics FB-55
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Rejuvenates overworked feet: The HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa eases and treats heel pain with a revitalizing and gentle massage. It features a bubble function that is activated by pushing on the convenient toe-touch control. Furthermore, it has raised nodes and removable pumice stone, which aids in relaxing your feet.

Toe-touch control: Furthermore, you can alter the jets and temperature to suit to your preference without having to reach out to the controls by bending.

Removable pumice stone: The HoMedics spa comes with a pumice stone that helps you remove the dead skin. It combines with callus removing stone to pamper your feet and perfectly shape them. It comes with a brush and a roller that ensures you maintain topnotch foot appearance and health.

Splash proof: In addition to being user friendly, the HoMedics foot spa heats up in a few minutes and maintains the warmth in to allow you to enjoy the warm footbath therapy. While you enjoy the massage, the integrated splash guard prevents leaks and spills that could have made you uncomfortable.

  • Has a splashguard that prevents leakage and spills
  • Heats water very fast
  • It perfectly Soothes and relaxes feet
  • It has pumice stone that effectively removes dead skin
  • Bubbles are powerful and effective
  • It is not built with a vibration massage function
  • Quite loud

Summary: The HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa is a foot massage champion. It relieves your heel pain with much ease leaving you rejuvenated entirely for another walk.

3. Ivation IVAFTSPA

Ivation foot spa massager is versatile, unique, and perfectly effective. It offers all the desirable features in a foot spa, including a massage warming technology, rollers, and water jets.

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Intense vibrating massage: One of the features that make Ivation foot spa massager stand out from others is the vibrating massage. This feature is more vigorous and intense than the ones used by others. This high intensity gives it the ability to generate invigorating massage that is very effective at relaxing your muscles and improving your blood circulation.

Oxygenating bubble action: This foot spa has several Water Jets that generates many calming bubbles. The bubbles relieve pressure and pain in your feet. Since this model is compatible with many essential oils, you can add for Aromatherapy if you desire. Furthermore, you can add flower petals and other big items. However, these petals can only be removed manually while cleaning.

Advanced led display: The Ivation massager has a control panel that is easy to read. In addition, the LCD display shows you the status of the current temperature and any changes that you make. Furthermore, a small red light illuminates every activated function in the panel. This illumination ensures that you know which feature works and which doesn’t at all times

Rollers: Another feature that makes this foot spa outstanding is the motorized rollers. Therefore, you will not have to move your legs at all to get an efficient massage. You will just keep your feet over the rollers, and enjoy freely as the rollers do the work for you. To experience a more intensified massage, you will need to push against the rollers.

  • The warming components heat up rapidly
  • It maintains the water temperature consistently at 122F
  • Compatible with salts and oils
  • It is simple to use and very effective
  • It is not suitable for people with larger feet
  • It does not come with a remote control

Summary: The Ivation foot spa massager is extremely impressive and super effective. It comes with all the features you could find in a foot spa. The fact that it is compatible with essential oils and salts makes it even more outstanding.

4. Artnaturals ANEA-0005

Are you an active athlete or someone with a job that keeps you on your feet all day? If you are, then the ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager matches your needs. It is ideal for very active people because it comes with a wide variety of rollers and massagers that can quickly relax your muscles.

Artnaturals ANEA-0005
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Effective thermostat: The Artnaturals has a reliable thermostat. It enables the users to adjust the water temperature according to their preferences. The water bath will then adjust to the preferred temperature and maintains it consistently. You will not need to change the water because the temperature that you set will be maintained.

LCD display: It comes with a big LCD display that is easy to read. This display enables you to keep track of the status and settings that you make.It also allows you to change the options to your requirements.

Lightweight: The most exciting part of this product is its portability. It weighs 5.2 pounds making it extremely light to carry it with you. Furthermore, it comes with a portable handle, which ensures you find it comfortable and easy to carry.

Self-drain: This foot spa has got you covered for that. It comes with an automatic self-drain feature. This feature makes it easy and very convenient to offer. You will not have to trouble yourself to drain the water after treating yourself to a relaxing massage.

  • It easy to carry around because it has a handle
  • Comes an in-built heater
  • It is an all-in-one product
  • Has a self-drainage feature
  • Suitable for big feet
  • Produces weak bubbles
  • Rollers get rough over time

Summary: If you have been looking for an excellent foot spa massager that is an all-in-one, then your search is over. Artnatural foot spa is an incredible massager that offers ultimate muscle relaxation and deep soothing experience.

5. Giantex EP23286

The Giantex all in one Foot Spa Massager is a high-quality massager that comes with various technologies and functions. These technologies are efficient and effective as they are majorlydesigned to relieve foot arches and ankles.

Giantex EP23286
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Massager Design: The Giantex foot spa has up to six rollers that pamper and massage your feet in all directions. This feature ensures you get intense soothing experience. It also improves blood circulation in your body as well as relieving pain and fatigue. Furthermore; it targets all the pressure points in your feet, which enhances the metabolism of your body.

Digital display: It comes with a digital display that is easy to read. This display has a control panel that contains clear and simple buttons. These buttons include temp+/-, On/Off, time, surfing, bubble, heating, and auto massage. The control makes it very easy to use and choose the desired settings.

Remote Control Design: It comes with a small smart remote control that enables one to set and enjoy. This means you will be free to relax during the massage process without having to bend down. In addition, it has a timer and a temperature setting. These settings allow you to adjust the water temperature from 95F up to 118F. It also allows setting the timer up to six times with a minimum duration of 10 minutes.

Portable Design: The Giantex all in one-foot spa comes with a detachable carrying handle and four universal casters. This makes it very easy to move around or storage. It also has a small hole that makes it easy to pourthe water away. This hole is reserved between the tub wall and the biting edge of the cover on the top.

  • Heating elements are perfect
  • Has motorized Massage rollers
  • High-quality design
  • It is suitable for people with big
  • It is easy to rinse and empty and rinse
  • Massagers can’t be removed
  • The bubble feature is minimal
  • Little more expensive

Summary: The Giantex, all in one spa, is one of the most advanced foot spas in the market. It is efficient, convenient, and effective. It comes with a wide range of functionalities and features that make it stand out from the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is a foot spa?

A foot spa or footbath is a small bathtub that is made of plastic. This small tub is where feet are dipped in for relaxation and rejuvenation. Foot spas range from basic whereby you have to heat up water and fill to high-end ones that come with an in-built heater. These high-end foot spas also come with different features such as scrubbers, massage rollers, and even water jets for a total foot treatment.

 2. Benefits of foot spa!

Improves circulation: The health of your feet affects the overall well-being of your body. When the muscles in the feet are not exercised, they end up impairing blood circulation. One of the important benefits of using a foot massage spa is the improvement of blood circulation and body metabolism. This, in turn, helps to supply essential nutrients, oxygen, and glucose to the entire body.

Helps you relax: After a hectic day at work, the way best to get rid of fatigue and relax your body is getting a lengthy foot massage. Moreover, if your work involves waking a lot and standing for long hours, your feet tend to swell or become painful. A footbath will come through for you as the best solution to these challenges. It will release blockages and stress on your muscles. Furthermore, regular foot massage can boost your overall well-being.

Relieves sore feet: If you have a job that actively involves standing or walking all distances, especially while wearing heels, a foot spa comes in handy for you. It will relieve, soothe, and relax your muscles, leaving you perfectly ready to start walking or standing the next day. Furthermore, some foot spas have a pumice stone that removes dead skin, and you can add oil to your bath to soften dry skin. This will leave your feet soft, clean, and beautiful.

Lowers blood pressure: Many people, including young women and men, suffer from High blood pressure. A number of things such as stress and an unhealthy diet cause this condition. However, it is majorly caused by genetics and environmental factors. Several studies conducted have revealed that foot massage can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety: Apart from reducing stress levels and relieving migraines, a foot spa massage is effective in brightening your mood. Studies have revealed that foot spa goes beyond providing relaxation and rejuvenating your feet. Frequent and consistent foot massage has been proved to reduce anxiety among patience significantly. Instead of taking tablets to ease the headaches now and then, consider having a regular foot spa. It will slowly reduce the pain and eventually eliminate depression.

Treats insomnia: Do you keep tossing in your bed from one spot to another without managing to get some sleep? If so, then a foot spa could be your best solution. Fatigue can easily cause you to lack sleep for long hours. A foot spa helps treat insomnia and other sleeping challenges. It is effective in eradicating such challenges because it warms and soothes your feet. This, in turn, makes you relax, calm, and refreshed, therefore, enabling you to fall asleep very fast.

 3. Things to consider when buying a foot spa Massagers!

Heating unit: Foot spas range from basic to advanced models. The basic ones come with just a tub without even a heating element. Also; others may come with a heating element but may not maintain the water temperature. It is important to consider how long you want your bath to stay hot before buying a foot spa.

Furthermore, the top rated foot spas with in-built heater have long-lasting, effective, and efficient heating elements. This will consistently keep the water hot throughout the foot massage. Additionally, some foot spas even come with different heat levels that you can select according to your preference. If you love your bath to remain hot, then a lukewarm bath will leave you with a bad experience. On the other hand, the hot bath with leave you rejuvenated.

Features: Different foot spars have different features and functionalities. Some foot spas come with preprogrammed presets that enable you to customize every setting to suit your needs while others do not. If these presets are important to you, then you have to purchase a spa that comes with them.

Noise level: Foot spas have different noise levels. Some are extremely quiet, while others are extremely loud. Foot spa that has multiple Jets and bubbles tend to be louder. This may inconvenience you if you plan to be on calls, watching your TV or listening to music while you enjoy the session. If you find noise to be extremely inconveniencing, then you have to purchase an option with massagers in place of jets.

Portability: Foot spas come in different weights and sizes. Some are designed to stay in one place; therefore, they tend to be bulky and big while others are very small and light; therefore, they are portable. It is recommended to consider your requirements before you buy either a small or a big spa. If you travel, a lot then a smaller and lightweight spa will be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you do not need to carry your foot spa around, then portability will not be much of an issue to you.

Self-draining capability: Some foot spas are self-draining, while others are not. The self-draining ones have a system that enables you to drain water easily after the massage. If you dislike lifting the spa to drain after have a foot relaxation time, the self-drain system is your perfect match. You will enjoy the footbath without the worry of having to lift the heavy container relaxing.

Ease of use: It is important to purchase a foot spa that is easy to use, clean, and maintain. You should not keep bending every time you need to change some settings. Rather, it should be easy to do that with a remote. Furthermore, you should not strain to clean the foot spa every time you use it. The maintenance also should not be tasking and straining. Everything from using all through to maintenance should be simple and effortless to accomplish.

4. Where to buy a foot spa?

Foot spas are available on several platforms. To start with, you can purchase them from online websites such as Amazon, manufacturers’ websites, and many others.Also; there are several other local retailers that sell foot spas. With all these sellers in place, it should not be difficult to find a foot spa. However, you should be careful to buy foot spas from trusted sources. This will ensure that you purchase the best brands and be eligible for customer care services in case of any defects.

5. How much does a foot spa cost?

Different foot spas models have different prices. They range from budget to high-end depending on their versatility, capabilities, and features. You should be able to find a device that suits your budget. However, it is important to note that the higher the price, the more the features. Likewise, some foot spas that are regarded as budget ones are as effective as the high-end models.

The Final Words (Summary)

Having reviewed the best foot spa in detail, finding the best one to buy should be easy. It should not take you time to narrow down to the foot spa that suits you from the above list. It is time to say goodbye to painful, swollen legs, and fatigue. Make health-changing investment by purchasing a foot spa that suits you best.

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