5 Best Handheld Massagers in 2021

The body can develop and sustain cramps just about any time and anywhere. You can never restrict yourself with regard to when and how to care for these issues. Ideally, you have to make appropriate arrangements to reverse the stated issues at just about any time and anywhere.

For this, you need the best handheld massagers. These are pieces of massage equipment that are portable and convenient to deploy to the precise location of use with absolute ease. We dedicate the entire length and breadth of the article to examine them in totality.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Handheld Massagers  

1.(Best Handheld Massagers) BMIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue MassagerMighty Bliss
2.Wahl Deep Tissue Handheld MassagerWahl
3.OPOVE M3 Pro Massage GunOPOVE
4.VIVREAL Handheld Back MassagerVIVREAL
5.VYBE Percussion Massage GunExerscribe

5 Best Handheld Massagers Reviewed

1. MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Massager

Want to massage your body tissues deeply? You have no better companion than this item. It emits some equally deep vibrations that have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. With this appliance, it is possible or you also to impact your whole body smoothly.

(Best Handheld Massagers) BMIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Massager
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Deep Tissue Massager: We have already explained that this item is able to manage deep tissue massage. This it does primarily by the use of the equally available deep tissue massager. By using it, you will be able to enjoy the attendant benefits at a pace that is slightly faster than the ordinary tools.

Super Powerful Percussion Motor: A super-powerful percussion motor occupies the core of the machine. It is the one that generates the deep vibrations that subsequently massage the whole body and the associated tissues. While at it, the motor also contributes to the relaxation of the hurting muscles and cramps in a matter of seconds.

Brilliant Slim and Lightweight Design: Overall, the item does come about in a brilliant and lightweight design. Thanks to this design, it does not impede the free movements of those who opt to make good use of it. At the same time, it also facilitates the operations not to mention hastening the realizations of the benefits that come along.

Never-ending Battery Life: One striking aspect of the equipment is the fact that it enjoys a never-ending battery life. Apart from merely furnishing the endless supply of power that is necessary to keep the item operational, the battery itself recharges at a rate that is truly amazing. In this way, it cuts down the operational time considerably.

Hassle-free Lifetime Replacement: To add to the above benefits, the battery itself enjoys excellent back-end manufacturer support. It comes along with a money-back guarantee that basically spares you from the dangers and other losses that ordinarily come about in the course of utilization. This way, it maintains you in a state of utmost safety and comfort.

  • Relieves the spasms and the knotty
  • The powerful motor guarantees proper operations
  • Dismisses pain in a matter of seconds
  • Relaxes the hurting muscles and cramps in no time
  • Its brilliant and slim design expedites the use
  • Unsuitable for the weaker bodies
  • Prolonged use is highly uncalled for
  • Consumes a higher level of power

Summary: For full pain relief from the body, no other gadget but this one may be suitable. Why not get hold of it and use it straight away?

2. Wahl Deep Tissue Handheld Massager

Of all the massagers under our review, it is this one that is most comprehensive. It is well able to handle a host of tasks that center on alleviating pain from the body. Indeed, it engages the muscles, shoulders, foot, leg, neck, and the back in great lengths and measures.

Wahl Deep Tissue Handheld Massager
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Deep Muscle Massage: The item is overall able to deliver deep muscle massage when deployed to the body. Its head thumps the muscles smoothly when engaged for the role. This, in turn, generates an equally relaxing feeling when passed onto the various parts of the body. It is entirely perfect for your body.

Four Finger Flex Massage: To engage this item, you will make use of some four-finger flex massager head. This one massages your neck and your body smoothly and softly. The head also comprises some finger-like nodes that replicate the feelings that a person who accrues when massaged by a fellow human.

Acupoint Massage: This item is also capable of delivering the Acupoint massage output. It makes use of the acupoint massage head to do this. The head basically targets the deeper portions of the body and the tissues that lie at your back. In all, this head is good enough for pointing out the concentrated areas of tension.

Flat Disc Massage: Aside from the normal massage outputs, the item also comprises a flat disc massage. This one gives off deep muscle massages. You will find it truly relevant and good enough for the extremely large surfaces lie the back, the thighs, and the shoulder regions. Thus, it concludes the tasks faster and hassle-free.

4 Unique Attachment Heads: Some four unique attachment heads round up the list of the many benefits that the item does have to offer. This attachment heads basically work for hand in hand to extend the functionality of the item. That way they give the item the leeway to tackle many chores and bring about many awesome benefits.

  • Covers a wider area at a time
  • Replicates the fingers of the human massager
  • Provides prompt relief from all kinds of pains
  • Relaxes the body entirely perfectly
  • Lets you vary the speeds of operations considerably
  • Slightly complicated to the simpler user
  • May take too long to understand and engage
  • Takes larger spaces to mount and install

Summary: With variable intensity, this item indeed relieves all forms of pain from the various parts and aspects of the body. Choose it for your maximum pain relief.

3. OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

Wary of the excess noise that arises in the course of a workout or massaging undertaking? Choose to work with this item. It does have a super quiet brushless motor that generates the torque which subsequently powers the entire system efficiently. Thus, it is unlikely to interfere with the occupants of the room wherein it is deployed.

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun
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Anti-drop Shell with Breakthrough Technology: Taking the top spot of its awesome features is the anti-drop shell. This shell is super strong and reliable enough to prevent any possibilities of sustaining damages that may be occasioned by the fall-offs or dropping from extreme heights. It retains its stature even when it drops from 6.6 feet.

Brushless High-torque Motor: A brushless high-torque motor comes in next. The motor in question consumes 24V of electrical energy and generates a paltry 35-55 decibels of sound or noise output. With this arrangement in mind, the item will allow you to enjoy the massage outcomes with maximum comfort and smoothness.

Variable Speeds: It will also give you the leeway to determine the speeds or pace that are comfortable or convenient for your workouts. In particular, the item generates awesome percussions that reach well over 3,200 revolutions per minute. These give you the leeway to impact specific portions of your body precisely.

Accurate Percussion: Other than the variable speeds, the item also makes for more accurate applications of the torque that is generated by the motor. This one is largely made possible by a comfortable stroke length of approximately 12 mm. With it, you may decrease the soreness while increasing the range of motions.

Carrying Case and Gift Choice: Also coming along is a carrying case and a gift choice. The carrying case allows you to carry the item just about anywhere you might want to. Moreover, the item itself serves as a great gifting for your friends and loved ones. Its elegance and beauty are two outstanding traits.

  • Relieves the muscular soreness
  • Delivers pretty quiet massage outcomes
  • Gives you the leeway to adjust the intensity of the workouts
  • Its batteries recharge to allow for endless operations
  • Available in a weight that is extremely light and easier to carry
  • Its power output is somewhat smaller
  • Cannot impact the deeper muscles
  • The impacts last a shorter duration of time

Summary: The super quiet brushless motor of this gadget makes it stand out from the crowd. It is the one that ensures that the equipment does not impede the comfort of those who stay in the same area.

4. VIVREAL Handheld Back Massager

Want to enjoy unconstrained and wholesome workouts? We invite you to attempt to utilize this specific massager. It is highly versatile and comfortable to make do with just about anywhere. This versatility is complemented by the many interchangeable and variable settings. This is not to mention the deep tissue impacts it manages.

VIVREAL Handheld Back Massager
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6 Interchangeable Massage Nodes: Its flagship traits are the 6 interchangeable massage nodes. They are the ones that give you the leeway to determine the positions and inclinations of the massage inputs. These give you the leeway to determine the levels of outcomes that are desirable to you at any given time.

Cordless and Rechargeable: The gadget is both cordless and rechargeable at the same time. Thus, it goes a long way to enhance your use and applications in locations that are far detached from the mainstream. With these two arrangements in mind, be sure to enjoy the best possible experiences with minimal hassles.

6 Adjustable Speeds: Apart from altering the massage modes, the piece of equipment also gives you the room to vary the speeds of the massage. With it in your hands, you will similarly get to determine the pace at which you may accrue the various outcomes you are desirable at any given time.

Powerful Motor and Safety: At its core is a powerful motor that is similarly safer to make use of at the same time. The motor generates a whopping 3,200 pulses per minute and is hence pretty effective. Stemming from this extra power, the gadget overall is able to penetrate deeper into the skin to impact the muscles and tissues.

Exceptional Back-end Support: Coming in last is the exceptional back-end support. The gadget indeed enjoys a generous warranty that stretches through the first year of purchase and operations. Thus, you may be certain to enjoy all the various benefits that come that along but without the worries occasionally arise.

  • Stable and strong enough for the whole family use
  • Useful just about anywhere; both at home and in the office
  • Looks sharper and quite elegant to the eyes when beheld
  • Makes for a good gift to friends and peers alike
  • Leaves behind pretty enduring outcomes on the whole
  • Quite strenuous to engage
  • Costs a lot more to maintain operationally
  • May require many other attachments to prepare for engagement

Summary: No other piece of equipment may be suited for the back muscles, the neck and the legs better than this one. It is in your interest to go for it if you are intent on impacting these portions of the body.

5. VYBE Percussion Massage Gun

Are you a fitness enthusiast who is constantly on the move? You have this portable and quiet massager for your own use and leverage. Notwithstanding its portable nature, this gadget is also pretty tough and powerful enough to tackle the most strenuous tasks with absolute perfection.

VYBE Percussion Massage Gun
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Quality Features: Only a set of quality features adorn this massager. These include 9 gears of speed shifting, 3 hours of battery life, and the vital tools-of-trade that are necessary for properly utilizing it. With these items, you may count on the massager not to let you down or compromise your own experiences.

Limitless Uses: All factors considered, the massager is indeed capable of tackling just about every other fitness and massage-related application. Among some of the benefits that the equipment potentially brings along is the relaxation of muscle, increased range of motions, and muscle recovery. They definitely yield greater returns on investments.

Quiet & Powerful: Overall the equipment is quiet and powerful in one comprehensive packaging. Thanks to the blend of these two traits, the fitness equipment is truly functional and comfortable to make use at the same time. Moreover, it has the ability to deliver a whopping 3,400 strokes of vibrations per minute.

Ergonomic & Stylish: The item is overall ergonomic and stylish at a time. It comprises a premium silver finish and a non-slip silicone handle. These two add to the beauty and the aesthetics of the massager overall. They empower the item to be used to serve some aesthetic purposes beyond its functionality.

5 Attachment Heads: Its head allows you to fix some attachments at the head for the sake of extending the range of the item altogether. These attachments also make for the targeting of the message outputs to some selected areas or portions of your body. In this way, they also cut down the hassles you might have to endure while in use.

  • Manages targeted treatments of the body parts
  • Impacts all muscle groups with absolute precision
  • Good enough for the large muscle groups
  • Its flat head allows for overall use
  • Impacts the deep tissues and other trigger points
  • Cannot tackle some fitness actions
  • Its limited functionality is less profitable
  • Gives off lower returns on investments

Summary: A combination of quietness, portability, and the electrical power operations jointly to see to it that the item manages the tasks of massaging much better than the others of its kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

We now look into some of the questions that are asked every now and then with regards to these items: 

1.  Are handheld massagers any good?

YES, they are! They bring about the following two core benefits:

Pain Relief: These massagers relieve the pains that arise or inflict the body from time to time. They do this principally by reversing the cramps and the pains that the muscles suffer periodically.

Utmost Relaxation: In the course of relieving the pains from the muscles, the massagers also loosen the tight muscles that will often arise out of the cramps. Attached to this is the benefit of the stress relief that the users enjoy with use.

Fitness: Prolonged and consistent use of these pieces of equipment also has the impacts of keeping you fit, healthy and strong. They streamline the muscles in such a way as to make you agile and propped up well.

 2. Where to buy a handheld massager?

These items are available just about anywhere. However, three areas stand out as the premier locations from which to source them. These are:

Sports Houses: You will find them abundantly in the leading sports houses. These are stores that deal almost exclusively in the sales and merchandising of sports equipment of which the handheld massagers are part.

Online Auction Sites: The leading online auction sites like Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon do also stock and sell these items. This platform has some superior advantages in that they are easily accessible and avail the orders to your doorsteps.

Leading Retail Outlets: Some leading retail outlets like supermarket chains also stock these items in plenty. It is hence in your best interest to prioritize them for your own use and access to these handheld massagers.

 3. How much does a handheld massager cost?

These massagers vary significantly with the brand and the weight-bearing capacity. The variations play out insofar as the actual costs of the said gadgets are concerned. You should hence make every effort to ascertain the specifications of your liking and preferences before effecting a purchase.

All factors considered though, the average handheld massager will go for $39.99, give or take. As you may see, this amount is not so huge as to cause some distress on your part. You won’t really have to dig too deep in your pocket to make a purchase with this. Any excuse why you cannot purchase a massager?

4. How to choose a handheld massager?

To choose the most appropriate handheld massager, there are a number of things you have to care for. We discuss some of the factors that inform the right choice of a massager in the segment of the article here below:

Design and Functionality: The manner in which the item is designed and suited for the associated functions should be at the top of your concerns. Generally, a good massager has to be highly versatile to be able to discharge numerous roles at a time. Its stature should also be simple enough to allow for easier engagement.

Portability: This refers to the ease with which the item may be ferried or transported from one point to another one. The massager of choice no doubt has to be light and easier to ferry. You do not want to expend too much of your strength and muscle power to be able to do that at all.

Mode of Massage Delivery: They employ varying methods and approaches to deliver massage therapy. It is important to choose that method that is convenient for you. While at it, you have to ascertain that the method is also able to deliver the depth and impacts you desperately yearn for.

Adjustable Speeds or Settings: It is important that you emphasize that one whose speeds and settings are variable. This variability will go a long way in seeing to it that you alter the parameters in such a way as to conform to your own preferences. As you do so, ensure that the settings are not too complicated for you to comprehend.

Power Supply: To deliver the message outputs, these items derive their power from various sources. It is yet again important that you factor the sources of power and the power ratings of the devices of your interests as you go about finding the right one. You should not spend too much to operationalize the item you have acquired.

Sheer Dimensions: The sheer size of the massager should also be a topmost concern to you. A good massager need not necessarily to be too large in size. That will definitely impede your own use and engagement of the item thereof. Instead, it should be compact and if possible foldable to allow for easier transportation to remote locales.

The Final Words (Summary)

We bring our long and in-depth look into the best handheld massager to an end there. Having furnished you with the necessary pieces of information, we now trust that you have the preparedness you need. We also hope that you will now appreciate the items and make good use of the same.

Waste not your time or take too long to acquire one for yourself. The longer you take to do so, the more likely you may find none in stock. Also, that approach may also delay the benefits that these items have to offer not to mention suffering the consequences of an ached body.

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