5 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs in 2021

Are you incapacitated or have someone with that condition in your household? Could it be that you have been on the lookout for the best wheelchair for such a person? Well, we are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at the right page. Your solution lies in a lightweight wheelchair.

These are not so different from your ordinary wheelchairs. It is only that they are comparatively lighter than them. For this reason, they are simpler to maneuver around and impose no unnecessary drag on you. It is only fruitful that you get to know about the best lightweight wheelchairs available.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Lightweight Wheelchairs

1.(Best Lightweight WheelchairDrive Medica)l Fly Lite WheelchairDrive Medical
2.Medline Lightweight Transport WheelchairMedline
3.NOVA Bariatric Transport ChairNOVA Medical Products
4.Drive Medical Lightweight WheelchairDrive Medical
5.Invacare TREX20RFP T93HCPInvacare

5 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs Reviewed

1. Drive Medical DFL19-BL

Looking for a wheelchair to use in crowded or high traffic areas? Such a piece of equipment has to be toughly secured to prevent ruffling feathers with the authorities. This one goes the extra mile to accord you some handy carry pocket to safeguard your gears too! It is hence a good one to attempt.

Drive Medical DFL19-BL
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Swing-away Footrests – Making this equipment different from the others is the swing-away footrests. You place your feet on these footrests to minimize fatigue and stay comfortable all the while. These footrests require no tools to adjust or operate. They are also capable of accommodating diverse heights and lengths of many riders.

Appropriately Secured – By all accounts, this chair is appropriately secured. The security is made possible by two main distinguishing facts and parts. These are the front and rear casters which measure 6 inches and 8 inches respectively; and the aluminum rear wheel locks. They jointly serve to prevent the item from slipping off unnecessarily.

Durable Aluminum Frame – Its structural skeleton comes in the form of a durable Aluminum frame. Aluminum is extremely light yet quite sturdy. For these two reasons, the equipment is similarly both sturdy and strong at the same time. Many members of your household will find it easier to lift around when the need to do so comes.

Foldable – Other than being light, the chair also folds tightly to let you carry it around with ease. This trait also makes the chair take up limited space so that you don’t struggle to keep it. You may also shrink its size as need be to contribute to the maneuverability thereof.

  • Gives off much comfort, safety and style all along
  • Adorned with an easy to clean nylon upholstery
  • Comes along with a seat belt for added safety
  • Its small mesh pocket holds your drink and cell phones
  • Equipped with a larger closable pouch to contain your personal belongings
  • Takes up much space when opened out fully
  • Cannot withstand intense abuse and impacts
  • Performs limited operational cycles

Summary: Well, for your own safety when in crowded locales, you have no better friend or companion than this one. Why not prioritize it? You will truly minimize any possible accidents in doing so.

2. Medline MDS808210ARE

The typical adult is larger and heavier. He cannot rely on any wheelchair picked randomly. That is why he must choose one that is exclusively intended for the adult rider. If you happen to be one such, this is the chair you have to look up to. It is truly structured for such use.

Medline MDS808210ARE
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Breathable Nylon Upholstery – Throughout its exterior, the chair contains the highly breathable Nylon upholstery. It is breathable because it contains numerous perforations throughout its scope. These let in the fresh air and out stale air. In this way, the fabric prevents you from possibly suffocating. It also plays a vital role in preventing sweat.

Comfortable Wide Seat – At its core is a comfortable and wide seat. The seat indeed has that capacity to accommodate your butt in its entirety, regardless of how large or oversize it could be. That is because it measures the impressive 19 inches wide by 16 inches deep. Chances of feeling squeezed or compressed are heavily suppressed.

Large Oversized Rear Wheels – Some large oversized wheels, measuring 12 inches, exist at the rear of the chair. These wheels, being large, confer great support and stability to you. They also prevent the risks of fidgeting which potentially compromises your own safety and riding comfort. Unlike the case with other chairs, this one is truly stable and reliable.

Stows while On-the-Go – With this gadget, you need not stop or be in a complete halt to be able to stow it. This you can achieve while the structure is on the go. Why? Because the item has the ability to fold down at the back. This expedites the process of storage.

  • Locks safely during the transfer process
  • Performs well on uneven outdoor surfaces
  • Generous 300-pound weight capacity
  • Folds to a more compact size for storage
  • Rests your arms fully and compactly
  • Slightly complicated to operate
  • Has the potential to injure you
  • Prone to fidgeting and discomforts

Summary: You have no better equipment to look up to if you are an adult. This one is truly meant for you. Do rush and get hold of it as soon as you possibly can for your subsequent use and therapeutics.

3. NOVA Medical Products 332R

Even those who are incapacitated have the potential of being obese. They require stronger and sturdier kinds of equipment for the sake of handling their heavier weights well. If you are obese, this is the structure we ask that you lay your hand on. Its 400-pound weight capacity makes it suited for the job.

NOVA Medical Products 332R
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Hand Brakes – It does have some hand brakes whose roles are to secure the equipment firmly in place. Being conveniently at the arms reach, the brakes are easier to engage. You will also find the brakes great for your bumpy terrains, slopes, and inclines. What’s more? They also vary speed and stability!

Flip-Up Desk Arms – One distinguishing aspect of this chair is that you may use it alongside the desk or table. This you do by engaging the flip-up desk arms. They basically let you attach it to these co-operant devices smoothly and steadily. This also leads to reduced wastage of time in the course of use.

8″ Front Wheels & 12″ Rear Wheels – Both the front and the rear wheels are larger than the industry standard. The one at the front measures 8 inches in diameter whereas the one at the rear measures a whopping 12 inches! They are subsequently more stable and are made of rubber. This makes them awesome for all terrains.

Swing Away Footrest – Lastly comes the swing away footrest. You place your feet on this rests for the sake of minimizing fatigue. The part also lets you use the wheelchair for an extended duration of time without getting bored. Your use is also made more enjoyable than it would be with other equipment.

  • Made of heavy-duty parts and components
  • Endures the test of time and harsh impacts
  • Attaches to and works hand in hand with other pieces of furniture
  • Comes along with some anti-tippers
  • Boasts of an impressive 400-pound weight capacity
  • Quite heavy and bulky
  • Contains many parts and components
  • Requires in-depth repairs and maintenance

Summary: As you may see, this chair is the best suited for handling an overly obese occupant. Its decent 400-pound weight capacity indeed sets it apart from all others. Why not get hold of it right away?

4. Drive Medical TR39E-SV

Do you mostly ride in places that are tight and squeezed? You want a piece of equipment which manages superior maneuverability. That is because you do not have the luxury of plenty of room which the ordinary wheelchairs require to transport you smoothly. We ask that you attempt this one.

Drive Medical TR39E-SV
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Smooth Comfort – Compared to the other equipment of its kind, this one accords truly smooth comfort. This is brought about by the cushioned armrests and the swing-away footrests respectively. These two secure your arms and feet firmly in place. In these ways, they prevent you from having to suffer too much fatigue and boredom.

Durable Steel Frame – All the constituent parts and components are attached to a durable steel frame. Being strong and durable, the frame provides the structural support necessary for long term reliability. Moreover, they also allow for smooth maneuverability owing to the relative ease of engagement. Your operational expenses are also kept low, courtesy of this.

Expedited Transportation – One greater thing about this chair is the fact that it allows for expedited transportation. This is made possible mainly by the foldable capability of the equipment on the whole. In particular, its backrest folds to take up limited space more so when storing it. Say no to any unnecessary hassles while doing so.

Composite 8-inch Wheels – Finally comes the composite wheels which measure 8 inches. The wheels are lighter in weight and hence give room for smoother maneuverability. Given their relatively simple nature, the wheels call for limited repairs and maintenance on your part. They bring down your operational costs in so doing too!

  • Quite stable and reliable for use
  • Usable independently or with an assistant
  • Hardly catches dirt and is also easier to clean
  • Takes on higher heights of occupants
  • Maneuvers those tight spaces with ease
  • Limited weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Too small in size
  • May not handle obese persons

Summary: Here is your answer for those spaces that are generally too tight to navigate using the standard wheelchair. Being highly maneuverable, this is a good one to make do with in such places.

5. Invacare TREX20RFP/ T93HCP

If yours is an unforgiving and treacherous terrain, the chair you use has to similarly be strong and tough enough to do a good job. Of the five under our review here, it is this one which is able to guarantee such a role. This stems from its tough and long-lasting composure.

Invacare TREX20RFP T93HCP
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Heavy-duty Construction – As has already been stated, this item is truly strong and overly durable. Only materials that are strong and durable have been used to make it up. Expect it hence to withstand the harshest impacts. Also, the equipment is likely to take on those harsh terrains with relative ease.

14-gauge Cross Braces – Some 14-gauge cross braces also exist to add some strength and stability to the structure. Thanks to these braces too, the chair is also extra stable and capable of enduring the harshest impacts with relative ease. You surely have no better companion than this one hence.

20-inch x 16-inch Seat – Its seat comes in the form of an area that measures 20 inches long by 16 inches wide. It is sufficiently large as to accommodate the butt of just about any other kind of an occupant. Further to that, the seat also features some dual-axle which make it possible for you to reposition the heights appropriately.

Heavy-duty Seat Inner Liner – Throughout the interior of the seat is some lining. The purposes of this lining are to make you more comfortable and the seat long-lasting. It is highly breathable and as such won’t predispose you to the risks of suffocation and sweating. Being made of Nylon, the lining is easier to keep clean.

  • Allows for easier transfers when the time comes
  • Exudes some attractive and silver vein finish
  • Its footrest also comprises some heel loops
  • Folds for convenient travels and storage
  • Removable parts diminish any hassles
  • Demands huge muscle power to engage
  • Costs a fortune to come by or afford
  • When damaged may be too tough to restore

Summary: There you have it! Sincerely, you have no better companion than this for your treacherous and unforgiving terrains. Being tough and firm, it does a truly reliable job.

Things to Consider when Buying a Lightweight Wheelchair

Brands – Many players engage in the manufacture of these chairs. Different players have been known to make different kinds of quality levels. Some players have been noted to do a better job than others. That is why you have to prioritize the brand of your liking. The Invacare, Drive Medical, NOVA, and Medline are the best brands at the moment.

Comfort Features – Given that you will sit on these chairs for quite some time, you have to see to it that the one you choose contains numerous comfort features. Its seating area has to be large, upholstered and stuffed with soft cushions to guarantee this. All materials must also be breathable, as a matter of principle.

Insurance – For your safety and utmost peace of mind, you want a chair that may be insured. The same applies to those which are too costly to come. You cannot gamble with your own safety and health by opting for any cheap alternative. That is why you must see to it that the one you choose may be insured.

Safety Features – Other than comfort, it is necessary that the chair you choose to be safe for you. The safety features to look up to depend largely on the area or purpose you intend to devote it to. If you intend to ride in an area with high traffic, find one with a seat belt. All chairs must have the standard safety features too!

Weight – Finally, you must also consider the weight of the chair. You do not want to expend too much of your effort and energy to steer and maneuver it. That is why you want one that is very light. Closely connected to this is weight capacity. Find one that is strong enough for your own weight.

The Final Words (Summary)

Having done our part in showcasing to you the best lightweight wheelchair and the associated buying guide, we leave it to you to make a suitable purchase. Getting started is not so difficult now. All you have to do is pick one from the list above.

These pieces of medical equipment are too precious to forfeit. You cannot afford to drag your feet or take too long to arrive at a suitable purchase. That is why we ask that you now embark on the task of finding the right seat. We wish you all the best as you move forward.

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