5 Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

Whether for relaxation or therapeutic purposes or stress relief, finding a good massage chair is absolutely essential. Indeed, these chairs play a vital role in aiding in the proper health and maintenance of the body. This, you can only do if you obtain an appropriate guide and inspiration. Find a review of the best massage chairs under 1000 dollars below for a start.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Massage Chairs

1.(Best Massage Chairs Under 1000) OOTORI Zero Gravity Full Body Massage ChairOOTORI
2.OWAYS Massage ChairOWAYS
3.Sinoluck Massage ChairSinoluck
4.Mr Direct New Electric Massage ChairMR Direct
5.R Rothania Electric Massage ChairR Rothania

5 Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 Reviewed

1. OOTORI Massage Chair

Looking to undertake whole body massage? We welcome you to try this chair out. It is appropriately designed and equipped to do just that. That stems from the fact that it contains all the key features and traits of your ideal chair. Other than that, it also guarantees your overall comfort?

(Best Massage Chairs Under 1000) OOTORI Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair
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8-Point Smart-Massage System – Topping the list of its awesome features is the 8-point smart-massage system. This one gives you the leeway to determine the intensity of the workout which is convenient and needful for your course. Moreover, it also adapts to the unique shape and contours of your own body.

Bluetooth 3D Surround Music Sound – As you massage your body, you will be treated to smooth music all along, courtesy of the Bluetooth 3D Surround Music Sound capability. This one has the ability to pair and share information with other like-minded devices. In this way, it gives off awesome massage experience and a relaxed body.

Acupuncture-Inspired Foot Roller System –  At the bottom of either footrest is the acupuncture-inspired foot roller system. It does the job of stimulating precise acupuncture points on your feet. This stimulation relieves the stress and muscle tension from your body. It hence brings in better benefits than you would actually find elsewhere.

Zero Gravity Position – Lastly comes the zero gravity position feature. With regards to this trait, the chair keeps and maintains you in a position which is neutral to gravity. You can never enjoy your massage save for being in such a position. It also provides awesome support to your back and prevents spinal injuries.

  • Comes along with all comprehensive features
  • Manages full body massage
  • Streams music from various electronics for your maximum enjoyment
  • Relieves stress on your body
  • Lets you customize your own massage
  • Demands excessive mounting space
  • Consumes higher levels of power
  • Requires some technical knowhow to operate

Summary: There you have it! For your whole body massage, you have no better companion than this chair. It comes along with all the vital features necessary for such.

2. OWAYS Massage Chair

Are you constantly on the go? You need not forfeit the benefit of massaging your own body. To be assured of this, you have to choose a portable and highly versatile massage chair like this one. It is intended for use in many scenes. Take hold of it for your next trip far away.


OWAYS Massage Chair
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Comfortable Sponge –  Throughout the chair is some comfortable sponge. The sponge in use if high quality, high density, and generally very resistant to all manner of deformation not to mention load-bearing. It guarantees you maximum support and comfort mainly due to the excellent rebounds. What’s more? It also spares your back from spinal injuries!

Imitation Natural Linen Fabric – Enclosing the entire fabric is come imitation natural linen fabric material. This one is not only soft but also friendlier to your skin. Being highly breathable, it spares your body from any risks of sweating or suffocation. You have it for your long-term use since it is unlikely to disparage you unnecessarily.

Multi-Scene – As stated above, this chair is designed for use in many kinds of scenes. This stems mainly from its compact size which allows for easy transportation and mounting. Then, it is also highly breathable to the extent of being safe for use under the most strenuous environments.

Wooden Handrail – To make you feel even better during your massage sessions, the chair comes along with some wooden handrail. This one is comparatively easier to make do with given its possession of a storage pocket. In the course of engaging it, you will enjoy added protection and unparalleled convenience.

  • Comes in rocking design
  • The adjustable pillow provides adequate support to your head
  • Grants 6 massage modes for your choice
  • Improves the circulation of blood in your body too!
  • Yields utmost relaxation experience
  • Lasts a shorter duration of time
  • Low weight capacity
  • Fewer massage positions and intensity

Summary: Well, if you alter your position every now and then, you have no better companion than this massage chair. It is compact and light enough to be able to discharge such a role seamlessly.

3. Sinoluck Massage Chair

Other than merely unwinding your muscles, you might often want to get deeper and relieve some pains. For such kind of roles, you need a more specialized massage chair. Well, this one is also equipped to build your health over and above merely relaxing you. It tackles neck pains, anxiety, headaches, and sore muscles.

Sinoluck Massage Chair
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Real Hands Massage – While relaxing on this chair, you will feel as if you are being massaged with real hands. That is because it imitates the way the massage therapists do their job. Moreover, it also varies the strength and intensity of so doing. By all accounts, you will receive truly thorough and awesome final outcomes.

3 Level Intensity/Speed Control – The chair is also able to vary the intensity and controls of the massage in three main levels. In this way, it makes you be in the full control of the massage exercise. Then again, it lets you find your ideal massage position. All these combine to make your own experience worthwhile.

Intimate Design – All the constituent parts, components, and functionality of this chair come in some intimate design. These are evidenced by the Eco-friendly materials in use, bright color appearance, and general ergonomics. Together, they make your handling and ultimate use of this chair truly worthwhile. This is not to mention the greatly reduced hassles.

Seat Vibration – Unlike many other massage chairs, this one also vibrates the seat as you massage your body. Its vibrations are not rough but are way very smooth. In the course of this, it detoxifies your body, relaxes it, and stimulates the surface tissues to enhance your blood circulation considerably.

  • Possesses awesome ergonomics
  • Enhances the interior décor of your home
  • Reduces stress and pains
  • Builds your own health as well
  • Holds up to 380 pounds
  • Quite costly to afford
  • Demands many attachments and accessories
  • Cumbersome to carry around

Summary: Get hold of this massage chair and do more than just relax your body. Take good care of your own health using it many elegant parts and features.

4. Mr Direct New Electric Massage Chair

For therapeutic purposes, you want a massage chair that is better equipped. This one comes along with numerous unique features and parts. All these make it possible for you to do more than merely relax your body. They also reverse a couple of problems and issues which might already exist in your body.

Mr Direct New Electric Massage Chair
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Extended Footrest – At the base of the chair are some footrests. These extend to accommodate the extra length of your feet if you are tall. In this way, they guarantee that your own feet shall not at all be too tired to offer the support you need for effective massaging.

Advanced High-definition VFD Display Console – A display screen exists to showcase the progress of the ongoing massaging exercise. It is advanced thanks to the high definition VFD display characterization. By the virtue of this arrangement, it yields awesome pictures and truly powerful displays. This leaves no room at all for any ambiguities.

35 Air Bags – Some 35 airbags also come along this particular chair. You will find them all over the legs, seat, arms, and shoulders. They take all the pain and stress away to let you massage gently and smoothly as can possibly be. To add to that, these airbags also reduces excess strains on these vital bodily organs.

3-preset Auto-massage Programs – Also present in this chair are some three pre-set auto-massage programs. These yield diverse massage methods to grant you the best possible massage experience. Being pre-set, they reduce the attention you will ordinarily have to expend in the use of this chair. This is definitely good news as you incur limited inconveniences.

  • Provides 8 massage options
  • Gives off complete comfort and relaxation
  • Covers your head to the toes
  • Maintains you in the zero gravity position
  • Demands limited attention on your part
  • Possesses too delicate parts
  • Costs a lot to repair if broken
  • Not for a beginner

Summary: As you may already see, you have no worthier companion when it comes to matters therapeutics. This massage chair has all that you might need for this role.

5. R Rothania Electric Massage Chair

In case your feet has issues which need tackling, this is the chair to look up to. Though primarily intended for your upper body, it has some unique parts which target your own feet. These help you to tackle and reverse any issue which your feet may have.

R Rothania Electric Massage Chair
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Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Like many other kinds of chairs, this one too maintains you in a zero-gravity position. While at this position, your whole body is entirely relaxed in such a way as to minimize any strains which might impact you. Over and above thorough massage experience, you also get to maintain your own safety.

Airbag Massage Technology – Setting this chair apart from others is the airbag massage technology. This comes in the form of numerous airbags which relieve the pain while giving you adequate support. These airbags are programmed to inflate or deflate separately to offer wholesome massaging experiences. They jointly bring about deeper outcomes.

Calf and Foot Massager – As stated earlier, this chair is also great for your calf and feet regions. Yet again, the multiple airbags come in to inflate and compress the feet and calf regions. In doing so, they leave behind truly awesome outcomes which are unachievable by other kinds of massage chairs.

Massage and Heat to Feet – Other than merely massaging your body, this chair also has that ability to heat it up. It delivers some moderate heat output via the airbags which make it up. You have this chair for your prioritization if you happen to massage in the winter.

  • Plug and play (requires no installation prior to use)
  • Large display unit showcases to you the ongoing progress
  • Delivers professional massage outcomes
  • Operable simply by a single button press
  • Backed by a generous warranty and customer care
  • Slightly complicated to an average user
  • A bit delicate and prone to damages
  • Takes up too much space when fully stretched

Summary: Perhaps no other chair does a great job of tackling your feet better than this chair. You have it for your taking if you suffer feet issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is a massage chair?

A massage chair is a piece of fitness equipment which is designed to relieve the stress of your body. It operates chiefly by vibrating your body to ease any muscle tensions and allow for a smooth flow of blood. Other than their core roles, these chairs also play the role of ordinary seating furniture.

Q2. How does massage chair work?

Massage chairs operate by delivering some sensations to the skin and bodily muscles of your body. To do this, it makes use of airbags or water. These sensations knead your body in such a way as to open the blood vessels and ease any muscle tension. They are varied to achieve diverse impacts and outcomes.

Q3. How much is a massage chair?

The exact price of a massage chair varies significantly with the model, size, and the purpose for which the chair is intended. Generally, though, expect to part with $6,000 – $10,000 to acquire a good chair. You are advised to compare the prices of many retailers to arrive at the best purchase.

Q4. Where to buy a massage chair?

You will find these chairs in the leading sports equipment outlets and stores. You may also head straight to the manufacturer’s websites or online auction sites like Amazon and eBay. If you can purchase yours directly from the manufacturer, by all means, choose that route. You will get better quality products for less.

Q5. Are massage chairs really worth it?

YES, they are really worth it! Not only do they cut down the time required to do a good job but also provide you professional services right at the comfort of your own home. Moreover, they also serve as ordinary furniture whenever they are not used for massaging.

The Final Words (Summary)

Our reviews of the best massage chairs under $1000 come to an end here. We now leave it to you to move with haste and make the most appropriate decision. Simply read through our reviews a second or even a third time if need be. You will definitely find a good one from the list above.

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