5 Best Portable Massage Chairs in 2021

Who said you have to be fixed in a particular spot to be able to massage your body and muscles? Well, the portable massage chairs exist for your own consideration for such jobs. As their designation implies, these are massage chairs that you can get hold of and transport to a remote locale of use.

Finding the best portable massage chairs is certainly a noble and critical undertaking indeed. How possible can this be without you receiving the right insight to that end? We devote the entire length and breadth of the review-cum-buying guide to just that.

A Quick Look at the Top Portable Massage Chairs  

2.Master Massage 46449Master Massage
3.STRONGLITE EPC2SA (Best Portable Massage Chairs)STRONGLITE
4.Mefeir Portable Massage Tattoo ChairMefeir
5.Master Massage Rio Massage ChairMaster Massage

5 Best Portable Massage Chairs Reviewed


Looking for a chair to use for an extended duration of time? Alright! This one will get the job done for you. It is not only portable but also compact enough to carry wherever you might have to. Being strong and lightweight, this chair is also sure to take you longer for further.

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Wholesome Construction: In all, the structure comes about in a wholesome construction. This wholesomeness comes about in the forms of padded shoulder straps, sternum pads, rugged Nylon carry case, and the vortex chair. They all combine to see to it that you enjoy all your massage-related services ‘under one roof.’

Strong Aircraft-grade Aluminum: A strong aircraft-grade Aluminum forms the core and the structural makeup of the chair. Aluminum is both light and tough. Due to its use in constituting the chair, it gives the chair the strength and vitality it requires to take you longer for further. That also minimizes fidgeting to keep you in a perfect state of peace.

Incredible Comfort: On the whole, the chair does confer some incredible comfort to you. The high-quality dual-density Pro-Lite cushioning combines with the buttery soft Natursoft upholstery to deliver comfort. Being stronger and tougher, these two materials also last longer. At the same time, it also prevents any possible high costs of maintenance.

Ease of Use and Adjustments: Though strong and comfortable, the chair is nonetheless easier to use and adjust. You won’t really have to struggle that much to have your way at all. Instead, you will find the tasks of engaging the various controls and aspects of the chair truly amazing. Its seamless adjustability allows it to meet all client needs.

Professional Quality Makeup: All factors considered, the chair does exhibit some professional quality makeup. This is mainly made possible by the similarly quality and reliable Earthlite that makes it. By choosing to work with it, you may be certain to enjoy world-class performances that are unrivaled by many people.

  • Boasts of an incredibly strong core construction
  • Compact in size and lighter in weight
  • Heals and replenishes lost energy at the same time
  • Good enough for all kinds of massage enthusiasts
  • Folds easily to allow for seamless handling and transportation
  • Cannot accommodate heavier weights
  • Breaks apart easily when subjected to harsh impacts
  • Might not be quite reliable

Summary: For all your frequent and unimpeded movements, this indeed is the top rated portable massage chair to look up to. Its extreme lightness of weight is definitely an asset to leverage.

2. Master Massage 46449

Hunting for a massage chair to deploy for professional use and applications? You have no worthier companion than this. Its whole stature, the chair is capable of managing professional and truly reliable applications. All these benefits it brings about exceptional performances when engaged for the roles at hand.

Master Massage 46449
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Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Steel Frame: Its frame is strong and reliable, thanks mainly to the use of the lightweight aircraft Aluminum steel material to construct. On the strength of this lightweight and sturdiness, the chair is similarly able to expedite the processes of massaging but at efforts that are less on your part.

Enormous 1,000-pounds Weigh Support!: With this chair, it is possible for you to support a whopping 1,000 pounds of weight. This is definitely sufficiently larger to be able to accommodate even the weightiest users available. Even when you have to massage two persons at a time, the chair is well able to facilitate the role.

6-way Adjustable Face Cradle: An adjustable face cradle also exists as a control apparatus. It moves in six ways to give you the comfort and vitality you need to handle your chores pretty fine. In moving it around and about, the cushion adapts to the unique shape of the face of the clients.

Exclusive Small Cell Foam: A small cell foam adorns all the cushioned surfaces. This foam plays the role of adding some comfort that you badly need to be able to massage your face well. Its density is higher than that of your ordinary foam. That makes it all the more, tougher and truly reliable in the long run.

Small Cell Foam Cushioning System: Complementing the exclusive small cell foam is this cushioning system. As you may have already guessed, this one complements the comfort of the users of the massage chair. It also adjusts smoothly to allow for the handling of the unique shapes of each user. Thus, it expedites the process of massaging as well.

  • Comes about in excellent dimensions
  • Resists the possible damages from water and oil
  • Reinforced for additional durability
  • Incredibly strong and lighter in weight
  • Has the impressive weight capacity of 650 pounds
  • Limited to professional applications
  •  Only for the expert user
  •  Inapplicable for home use

Summary: For your professional applications, you have this specific chair to leverage and make good use of. Its possession of all things necessary makes it suited for the role.


Want to etch some tattoos and permanent marks on your face or body? Alright! This is a massage chair we would ask you to find and put to your own use. Other than its suitability for this role, the chair also anchors on some wheels to allow for seamless travels out and about.

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Heat-treated T6 Aluminum Alloy: The heat-treated T6 Aluminum alloy is the dominant material that adorns the entire structure of the packaging. It is the one that gives the item the strength, support, and reliability it requires to deliver on its expectations significantly. Being strong, the material also adds some stability to the item.

Highly Adjustable: All the constituent parts and components are highly adjustable. Its seats, as a matter of fact, have the ability to stretch from 4 feet and 6 inches through to 6 feet and 6 inches. On account of this adjustability, the item will indeed accommodate all cadres of persons and users.

Ergonomic Design: In its entirety, the chair does come about in some ergonomic design. This means that all the parts and components of the seat fit snugly and smoothly. That makes the same able to bear your own body weight and shape. On the strength of this, you will get to enjoy better support structures.

Wholesome Packaging: Deliberate attempts have been made by the manufacturer to incorporate every item, part, component, or accessory you naturally need to enjoy the benefits that ordinarily come along. With this wholesome packaging comes the fringe benefit of not having to struggle too much to shuffle between parts and components.

Convenient Movements: Quite a number of facts do combine to make the entire structure easier to move about. These are the facts that it folds, its ease of adjustability, and the attached wheels. They jointly negate the strains you will for a large part have to contend with to have your way at all.

  • Delivers or manages professional massage therapy
  • All its parts adjust for your own comfort and reliability
  • Conforms to the numerous shapes and sizes of clients
  •  Imbues a sense of extreme comfort to the users
  • Compact enough and easier to transport
  • Places the simpler users at a strategic disadvantage
  • Possesses some complicated parts and components
  • Takes a toll to repair and maintain

Summary: Truly for your exceptional tattoo and deep massaging, you have to prioritize this specific chair for your use. Its ease of transportation is definitely a plus.

4. Mefeir Portable Massage Chair

If all you want is to reverse some physical strains and muscle fatigue? Perhaps no other chair is able to facilitate this role better than this one. It does come about in a folding salon spa therapy stature. Moreover, it adjusts to accommodate the various faces to let you stay in shape well.

Mefeir Portable Massage Tattoo Chair
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Foldable: This chair folds to allow for easier transportation and excellent storage. With this excellent trait, you may be certain to ward off the inconveniences that come along with improper handling and excess storage space requirements. Why would you want to forfeit the conveniences that come along with use?

Adjustable Design: Apart from letting you fold the structure, the design of this item also gives you the leeway to adjust its various aspects. You may, for instance, alter its armrests, face cradles, chest pads, and the seat cushions, to name but a few! All these combine to maintain your patrons in a state of comfort.

496-pound Working Weight Capacity: Due to its sheer strength and vitality, the structure is overall capable of bearing a whopping 450 pounds of working weight. Thanks to the excellent weight, the item will also stand stronger to the various elements of destruction and impacts. Thus, it takes you longer and further than you would.

Fair Thickness Cushions: The thickness of the cushions is not left out either. Its cushions enjoy some fair thickness that similarly gives the same the ability to deliver some uncompromised comfort to you. Other than the seat proper, the headrest and the armrests are also imbued with the same degree of comfort.

Multipurpose: Even though this chair is primarily designed and intended for the facial massage, it is also able to handle a variety of other pertinent tasks and responsibilities. You will find it convenient for use in the offices, hair salons, and the homes overall. That stems mainly from its awesome dimensions.

  • Folds to allow for easier transportation and storage
  • Adjusts to meet the various needs and applications
  • Accompanied by a carrying bag for easier transport
  • Handles the impressive 496 pounds of weight
  • Suits various settings and environments of use
  • Demands many other co-operant tools to operate
  • May take a toll on you to handle
  • Consumes higher power

Summary: Well, if you have some physical strains and fatigue to care for, you have no better companion than this one.

5. Master Massage Rio Massage Chair

Desiring to add some beauty and comfort to your own rooms? You cannot settle for the ordinary chair you pick randomly. Instead, you must choose to work with this Royal Blue seat that gives off distinctive beauty to you. That aside, the chair is in itself able to offer some deep and enduring message to you.

Master Massage Rio Massage Chair
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Lightweight yet Strong: In a nutshell, the chair is lighter in weight yet strong enough to handle a whopping 600 pounds of user weight. The two traits concerned are mainly brought about by the use of the aircraft-grade Aluminum materials. These two traits allow for smooth and seamless handling all the while.

Ergonomic Design: The entire structure and makeup of the chair boil down to an ergonomic design. Thanks to this ergonomic design, the chair is able to facilitate smooth handling and operations whenever and wherever they need to use the same comes. Moreover, it also adds some superior comfort to you as you sit.

Infinitely Adjustable: Like many other chairs of its kind, this one is also adjustable. Nonetheless, it is infinitely adjustable in the sense that it gives you a whole range of freedom to alter and manage the various parts and components. This trait somehow gives you the freedom to alter its use to your specifications smoothly.

Easy to Carry and Store: On the whole, the entire structure is easier to store and carry around. It exhibits all the traits and characteristics necessary for the attainment of this sacred end. Facilitating this is a wheeled carrying case that fits the item and relays them smoothly to the required location.

High-end Quality: When all factors are taken into consideration, the chair is truly richer in quality. It is manufactured by a similarly reputable company that also backs it with an excellent warranty. In light of this high quality, the item is similarly able to give off professional massaging quality and outcomes.

  •  Lighter yet strong enough for your handling
  •  Imbues extreme comfort and structural support
  • All the critical components adjust
  • Delivers safety and durability in one comprehensive packaging
  • Can handle professional applications
  • Slightly delicate and prone to damages
  • Calls for frequent and regular repairs
  • Costly to manage in the long run

Summary: To make your interiors looking better and elegant, you have no better massage chair than this one. Its beauty and elegance are two things you cannot forfeit.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Benefits of owning a massage chair!

Owning a massage chair brings along a number of benefits. These include but are not limited to:

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety: A massage chair reduces stress and anxiety. Its impacts and ability to soothe the muscle pains and cramps work pretty fine to make your whole body streamlines and better operational. These also bring forth some therapeutic benefits when deployed for use in the body. With reduced stress comes better mental health.

Improvements of Moods: As part of improving your mental health, the chairs also work to stabilize and enrich your own moods. Persons who opt to place their bets on these chairs often suffer fewer fluctuations in the moods. They tend to stay in the best shapes and forms all the while also.

Better Sleep: When employed consistently for a longer duration of time, these chairs will usually lead to better sleep. That is because the flow of blood in the body is streamlined and maintained in the best shapes and forms. The benefits of better sleep to the human body are too numerous to be taken lightly.

Enhancement of your Cardiovascular Health: In the course of massaging your body, the chairs also streamline the flow of blood in your systems, as we have already mentioned. To add to that, the extensive and rigorous exercise of these blood vessels makes them stronger and more elastic. That keeps them better placed to up your own health.

Management of the Lower Back Pains: Some massage chairs also have that distinct advantage of being able to manage the lower back pains. By ‘management’ we mean the chairs contain the pain in such a way as to prevent the same from bringing forth adverse impacts. In this way, it maintains you in some state of added comfort all the while.

 2. How often should you use a massage chair?

It all depends on what you hope to achieve with the chair. Some guidelines need to be followed. For:

Stress Relief and Relaxation: You are advised to use the chair for 1-3 times each week on the higher side. Using the chair frequently is not advisable at all as you will end up consuming an excessively higher amount of utility energy but obtain less in return. That approach is also not recommended at all as it is unnecessary.

Therapeutic: If on the other hand, you have some therapeutic tasks and purposes to handle, you are advised to follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding how to mitigate that very condition. As such, there is really no prescribed way or frequency with which to handle this particular chore.

 3. How to choose a portable massage chair?

Consider the following factors to choose a portable massage chair:

  • Adjustable Features: It is important that the chair you have in mind possesses have adjustable features. The purpose of this is to allow it to accommodate the needs of many users well. Specifically, the heights, armrests, backrests, and leg support have to be adjustable. This is even when other parts are to remain rigid.
  • Massage Techniques and Styles: What are the various styles of massaging that may interest you? The ideal chair has to be able to manage as many styles as can possibly be the case. Examples of these are the reflexology, shiatsu, tapping, rolling, and the kneading. You definitely want to handle all your tasks in-house.
  • Massage Intensity (strength) and Speed: Other than the varying styles of massage, the chair of choice must of necessity be able to vary the strengths and the speeds of the massaging techniques. These are to allow you to receive the right massage fits that suit your own needs and circumstances of use well.
  • Weight-bearing Capacity: How much weight do you intend to bear or haul? These chairs are available in varying strength capacities. These differences obviously play out insofar as their suitability for the stated roles is concerned. Be sure to find a massage chair that is strong enough to bear the weight you have in mind.
  • Power Consumption: Many modern massage chairs no doubt require power to be able to give off the benefits they are designed and intended to give off. Be that as it may, the power consumption has to be manageable. You want to cut your power consumption considerably as you do not want to suffer higher utility bills.
  • Expertise vs. Controls: To manage the chairs, you have to expend some expertise and engage some controls. For you to do this well, you have to carry out an honest assessment of your own capabilities. As you do so, mirror the same with the controls that exist on the structure.
  • Desired Longevity of Use: How long in all would you wish to use the massage chair? Choose a chair that is strong and durable for those applications that are likely to last longer or demand prolonged and effective applications. Any cheap and weak alternative would do for one time or occasional use only.
  • Costs and Warranty: Costs and the associated warranties should come in last. You want the chair of your interest to be cheaper and way affordable. On the same note, such a chair should also enjoy some warranty backing for the sake of sparing you from the adverse effects of damages while in use.

4. Where to buy a massage chair?

There are many places where you may buy a massage chair. However, two of these stand out. These are:

Leading Furniture Outlets: These chairs are readily available in the leading furniture outlets. It is hence wise of you to carry out some studies and find out the best outlets that are more likely to provide the same chairs to you at discounted prices. Remember, the best shop might not always be nearest to you.

Online Auction Sites: The leading online auction sites like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay also stock and furnish the chairs to you. They are better in fact dues to the fact that they require you not to travel to the sites in person. Instead, you simply place an order and there you have it delivered to your doorstep.

5. How much does a massage chair cost?

Given that these chairs are available in many shapes and sizes, they also cost varying amounts of money. In general, though, you should expect to part with $500 – $5,000 to be able to lay your hands on a good quality portable massage chair.

As always, it is advisable that you carry out studies and price comparisons first and foremost before proceeding to find a chair that may most likely suit your own needs. That is the only guarantee that you will pay the least realistic amount of money.

The Final Words (Summary)

We bring an end to our look into the best portable massage chair there. Indeed, the in-depth explanations we have furnished with regard to these seats are sufficient to let you choose the right one conveniently and flawlessly. What are you now waiting for?

These items are generally hot in demand. We caution against you dragging your feet or waiting for too long to take the first step. You might find them out of stock or at qualities that are not of your liking or taste. Before you make a purchase, pass the matter on to someone who may need it too!

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