5 Best Portable Massage Tables in 2021

So you are a constant or regular traveler who doubles up as a massage enthusiast. You want to be able to massage yourself wherever and whenever the craving may strike. However, many of the tables that are in existence at the moment are too heavy for you to lift and haul around conveniently.

Do not despair or give up hope. It is indeed still possible for you to attain that very end. All you have to do is lay your hands on the best portable massage tables that money can buy at the moment. We have invested a lot of our time and effort in finding them. Our review and buying guide here below showcases them.

A Quick Look at the Top Portable Massage Tables  

1.Saloniture 126-BLUSaloniture
2.Uenjoy Folding Massage TableUenjoy
3.(Best Portable Massage Tables) MaxKare Portable Massage TableMaxKare
4.Earthlite Harmony DXEARTHLITE
5.Master Massage Santana ThermaMaster Massage

5 Best Portable Massage Tables Reviewed

1. Saloniture 126-BLU

Have some professional ends to achieve? This is the portable massage table to set your eyes on. It is packed with tons of elegant features that have the capacity to deliver on professional outcomes. What’s more? It comes about with some carrying cases that expedite the process of transportation.

Saloniture 126-BLU
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Deluxe Cushioning – A deluxe cushioning ranks first among the list of its most venerable features. It is the one that is chiefly responsible for the attainment of the comfort that the table gives off. Also accompanying the deluxe cushioning are the padded armrests and the high-density foam mattresses that are in use.

 Premium-grade Materials – Only premium-grade materials have been used to make the entire table up. The durable steel stands out as the premier material of this kind. It basically gives the entire table the structural strength and supports it requires to take you longer and further. This is topped by a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy Construction – Overall, the table is light in weight yet sturdy enough to allow for seamless handling and operations. Thanks to this stature, it is convenient and portable indeed. Hardly will it inflict any unnecessary hassles on you as you move along. That way, it also allows for proper use without unnecessary failures.

Oil and Waterproof – In its entirety, the table is resistant to the possible damages that are brought about by water and oil. This sees it perform much better than the competing tables of its kind. Expect it hence to perform much better under all forms of possible damages and struggles.

Detachable Accessories – It also has that uncanny ability to accommodate several detachable accessories. These jointly struggle to make your structure able to perform a myriad of closely related tasks and massage chores. In particular, it can pair with and attach to the winged armrests and an arm sling.

  • Delivers a wholesome luxurious comfort
  • Fold-and-carry design expedites the transportation of the table
  • Certified by massage therapists and bodywork enthusiasts
  • Features professional-grade workmanship
  • Quite sturdy and supportive owing to the hardwood frame
  • Only for professional and for-profit usage
  • Quite complicated to a simpler end-user
  • Comes at a cost that is elevated

Summary: If all you want is to meet some professional ends, this is the table to set your eyes on. Its professional stature does imbue some sense of vitality that others incapable of giving off.

2. Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

Could it be that all you are intent on leveraging is the unfolding massage? Well, we have a surprise here for you! This table is designed and structured for that very purpose. Other than that, it is also packed with loads of adjustable features that jointly combine to make your working comfortable.

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table
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Reinforced Hardwood Frame – A reinforced hardwood frame ranks first among the many awesome benefits and strong points that this table has to potentially bring along. This frame is strong and pretty reliable. It hence maintains your own body and overall fitness in a perfect state of utmost comfort, support, and vitality.

High-quality Materials – Next comes the use of only high-quality materials to make the table up. These materials are indeed strong and well able to endure the various forms and sources of damages that may be leveled against the table. The PVC covering and the high-density foam are core examples of these.

Easy to Install – When all factors are taken into consideration, the table is relatively simpler to put up. So simple it is that even a person who has never attempted to do so will still find this task easier to implement. Thus, it is unlikely to stress a user that much as is the norm with competing tables.

Portable Massage Table Bed – At its core is a portable massage table bed. As you may have already guessed, this is the one that provides the support that the body requires to be able to undergo the massage well. It is also stronger and truly supportive. Being height-adjustable, it also handles the use of many people.

Size & Package Content – Rounding up the list of the many benefits that come along, is the awesome size and package content in which the table is wrapped up. Thanks to this packaging, the table is easier and pretty convenient to haul and channel to a desired area of use. Its compact size also negates any likelihood of pilferage.

  • Handles the impressive 500 pounds of weight
  • Reinforced with some hardwood frame for added support
  • Accompanied by some sturdy steel support cables
  • Most of its components are removable and adjustable
  • Good enough for professional and therapy clinics
  • Has a limited functionality
  • May not give off many benefits
  • Does require laborious operational undertakings

Summary: Well, for your folding massage needs, no other table is as pretty suited for the job as this one. Why not prioritize it for those kinds of applications?

3. MaxKare Portable Massage Table

Do you move around quite too often? This table is the one we would vouch for. Why may you ask? It is compact, really portable, and convenient to carry around as the need to do so may dictate from time to time. That it is accompanied by a carrying bag further seals the deal.

MaxKare Portable Massage Table
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Compact Dimensions – The table does come about in some compact dimensions indeed. It is 84 inches long, 28 inches deep, and 35 inches high. These dimensions enable it to accommodate persons who are large and bulkier than the normal tables that exist to handle every day massaging techniques.

Excellent Construction – Apart from the compact dimensions, the table also features excellent construction. This comes in the form of the reinforced hardwood frame, sturdy steel support cables, and the ability to accommodate 496 pounds of weight. The construction sees it perform exceptionally well when deployed for use.

Tough Material Makeup – The excellent construction we have talked of above is complemented with some tough material makeup. These materials are resistant to oil and water damages. They include the high-density foam and the water-proof leather covering. These jointly confer some top-grade durability and comfort levels. Have we also stated that they cut down the operational expenses?

Free Carry Case – To expedite your travels and transportation, the table is equipped with a free carry case. The case is able to accommodate the entire length and breadth of the table when folded. Thanks to this arrangement, the table is able to be carried away easily without any undue hindrances.

Unparalleled Adjustability – All its crucial parts and components adjust to allow for smooth and easy handling. They are also detachable to expedite the processes of handling and deployment to remote locations. On the strength of this adjustability, the table is indeed suited for the use of many people.

  • Adjusts the heights for maximum comfort
  • Convenient for the masseur to work better
  • Pretty strong and tough enough for your own deployment
  • Flexible enough for varying environments of use
  • Lasts longer than many other tables of its kinds
  • Costs a lot to acquire and operationalize
  • Demands some expertise to handle
  • May disparage those with home use in mind

Summary: For your consistent and regular travels, no other table is better suited for the job than this one. Do go for it soonest possible!


Want to enjoy superior comfort as you massage your own back and body? This is the table to make use of. Coming in eco-friendly design, the table does comprise a set of an adjustable face cradle. This alongside the hard maple makeup jointly confer some superior comfort while on the go.

Earthlite Harmony DX
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All-in-one Massage Table – This table is pretty comprehensive in the sense that it incorporates all the vital traits and features that a table of its kind is supposed to possess. Two traits stand out. These are the durable Nylon carry case and the Cloudfill poly-gel blend face cradle cushion. They are the ones that set it apart from the others.

Superior Comfort – We have already explained that the table provides superior comfort when deployed for use. All its parts and components adjust to allow for this comfort to be attained. Then, the hands are upholstered using the softest and the most comfortable materials around. They particularly shield you from numbness when used for long.

Patented Face Cradle – A patented face cradle also exists as a flagship trait of this massage table. It basically cradles your face to keep it in a perfect state of utmost comfort all the while. Thus, it works to minimize the possible breakage of the bones around the neck region.

Professional Quality Features – Some professional-quality features also adorn the entire length and breadth of the massage table. Examples of these are the sure-grip knobs, non-slip stable feet, attractive dual maple outlets, full-length piano hinge, and single pocket carry case. They jointly make it possible for you to enjoy the utmost perfection of duties.

Trusted Brand – Earthlite, the manufacturer of this massage table, is a reputable and authoritative brand indeed. Its line of products has been noted to work well and perform spectacularly fine. You want to tap into this awesome performance too. That can only happen if you prioritize its line of products.

  • Manages years of professional use and applications
  • All its parts and strong and stable enough for your own reliability
  • Has some attractive dual maple outlets for aesthetics
  • Its wood components are strong and long-lasting
  • Allows for sustained use and applications
  • Quite weighty to carry around
  • May inure you if you handle it recklessly
  • Demands excess storage and mounting spaces

Summary: For your maximum comfort, while massaging your back, this table is the best choice. Its possession of a host of comfort features indeed guarantees this end.

5. Master Santana Massage Table

Are you generally bulky and obese? You want a table that is pretty large and comfortable. No other table is large and spacious enough to handle that need. As you are about to note, it is also able to endure repeated spates of impacts and strong hitting.

Master Massage Santana Therma
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Spacious Top – Its top is pretty spacious. It measures around 31 inches wide by 84 inches long by 34 inches high. This is pretty sufficient and well able to accommodate the heaviest and the bulkiest person around. The table itself weighs a paltry 37 pounds and is hence convenient to carry around.

Padded Work Surface – The work surface is heavily padded to give forth added comfort in the course of a massage. The padding in use is the memory foam. With this padding also comes some added support from all possibilities of numbness and fidgeting that are characteristic of the exercise of massage.

Awesome Finish – Its exterior is adorned with some awesome finish. The finish sees it covered with the European Beechwood and some high gloss elm colored Dura seal. These two deliver some sparklingly shiny appearances that are truly breathtaking to the eyes. Thus, the table also adds to the elegance of your rooms.

Aircraft-grade Steel Support Cables – Some support cables that are manufactured using aircraft-grade steel also exist as a vital part of this table. Being strong and truly reliable, the cables will prevent you from the likelihood of falling off when in the course of a massage. That way, they will keep you safer and better shielded from harm.

Highly Versatile – On the whole, the table is highly versatile. It is well able to accommodate numerous accessories like the pockets carrying case, closure clasps, an extra memory foam cushion, and an adjustable face cradle. All these extend the functionality of the structure. They also negate the need to look elsewhere for your needs.

  • Pretty awesome for professional applications
  • Delivers traditionally intense massage
  • Handles a vast array of services
  • Certified by the various accreditation agencies
  • All its vital traits and components adjust for maximum efficacy
  • Takes up excess storage spaces
  • Unfit for cramped up spaces
  • May be difficult to evacuate in times of emergencies

Summary: In case you are bulky and fidgety, no other table suits your stature better than this one. Why not go for it to satisfy your own needs?

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How to choose a massage table?

Below are the factors that you have to consider to be able to identify the right kind of a massage table:

Weight Capacity – The capacity of the table comes first. If a table is weak, it is most likely going to sustain damages as a result of prolonged use and heavy impacts. You want neither to happen to you. That is why you must insist on that table which is strong and highly resistant to all forms of possible damages.

Work Surface Area – This refers to the amount of space that the table does provide to the user. The area varies from table to table and is similarly optimized for the handling of diverse kinds of users. To be on the safe side, you have to find that table whose work area is sufficiently large to accommodate you fully.

Element of Use – To what use do you intend to devote the table too? Could it be a one-time application, professional, or regular applications? The kind of use you have in mind has to be consistent with the exact table you are intent on leveraging. This is to avoid any mishaps that may arise in the course of use.

Intensity Options – A typical massage undertaking requires varying levels of intensities. You have to see to it that that table you have in mind is capable of enabling the intensity you have in mind. Thus consider factoring the intensity options that the table is capable of offering in your search for the right one.

Number of Users – How many users would you wish to handle at a time? For many users, you have to pick a table that is similarly large and spacious enough. You cannot rely on the ordinary table as it is more likely to sustain damage and break apart easily. Insist on that which is strong and sturdy as a plausible way forward.

 2. How much does a massage table cost?

There is no unifying price at which these tables come. Nonetheless, there are guidelines that inform the price of a massage table. Tables that are intended for professional applications tend to be more expensive than those for common everyday use. The same applies to those that are intended for weightier users.

Having said that, a good massage table shall cost you roughly $4,000. That aside, where exactly you choose to obtain your table can also make a difference with regards to the amount of money you might eventually have to pay. Generally, goods cost cheaper when ordered online.

 3. Where to buy a massage table?

Consider the following factors to choose a portable massage table:

You will find this table in many outlets and areas of use. Examples of these are sports houses, utility equipment stores, furniture outlets, and online auction sites. Of these, it is the online auction sites that are the most preferred channels within which to acquire the same. 

They allow you to review the features of the table you are interested in first and foremost. This way, it sees to it that the table you pick mirrors your own expectations precisely before making a purchase. Then again it lets you compare the table you have in mind with the various alternative options available.

4. How to set up a massage table at home?

Follow these steps to set up your massage table at home:

Step I: Set the height of the massage table

Start off by setting the right height of the massage table. The height you choose and deploy for use has to line up with the respective height of the user whom you intend to meet his needs. This height no doubt has also to be comfortable and at a good distance from the floor. 

Step II: Adjust the headrest appropriately

Next, move ahead to the headrest. It is the headrest that maintains your head in a perfect state of utmost comfort all the while. See to it that it is structured and placed at a position that will not tire your head or predispose the same to unnecessary fatigue as you go about the use. 

Step III: Fit the padding of the massage table

Now, work on the padding of the massage table. It is the padding that gives the massage tabletop the comfort it requires to keep your own body in the utmost state of comfort and support. The padding has to be soft and truly comfortable to make good use of.

Step IV: Work on the angle of the table

Some massaging undertakings have to be carried out at an angle. You have to take good care of this as well. Take some of your time to know the kinds of angles or inclinations that your massaging exercise is bound to demand. Then, move to alter the inclination of the table to line with that.

Step V: Fix the sheets firmly

Finish off by adorning the working surface with some sheets. These are the ones you use to create a barrier between the padding and the body of the user. The sheets have to be clean and well able to prevent any possible infiltration of dirt and other adverse issues.

5. How to clean a massage table?

Needless to say, you have to clean your massage table every now and then. Follow these steps to actualize this end:

Step I: Dust the table

Start off by dusting the table to eliminate dust and some dirt. You may use a dust blower or a dry rag to do the job. Be sure to use some gas masks to shield you from the possibility of inhaling the dust on your own. You do not want to incur respiratory tract infections, do you?

Step II: Spray the table with detergents

Go ahead now to spray the table with detergents. The detergent you use for the job has to be non-abrasive and mild. That is because most surfaces sustain damages easily when potent detergents are used to clean or wipe them. A mixture of soap and water is an outstanding detergent.

Step III: Wipe off the detergent solution

After spraying the detergent, use some clean paper towel to wipe off the excess detergent and hardened dirt. Use another dry towel to eliminate all moisture from off the surface of the table. You may have to redo this exercise several until you obtain that sparklingly clean outcome.

Step IV: Allow drying

Having done all that you may have to do, leave the table to dry. You might have to take it out in the open sun or in a place where there are no other people who might come in to interfere with it. Resist the temptation of touching it as it dries to prevent any ugly marks from arising on the surface.

The Final Words (Summary)

As you may already see from the foregoing explanations, the tables we have showcased have the traits and the characteristics you need to enjoy your massaging at remote locations. Having known about the best portable massage table, why not move ahead now to implement the knowledge on your own?

How else can you do this save for skimming the list above and making an appropriate choice from it? We are always interested in seeing the readers of our posts progress. That is why we ask that you share with us your experiences in the comments section hereunder.

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