Top 5 Best Portable Tens Units (Health & Pain Relief)

Are you tired of going through the many available TENS unit devices in the market without being able to identify the best portable one? Here is an in-depth review that comprehensively reviews 5 best portable TENS units devices. We compiled this review after spending considerable effort and time on each TENS unit. We have listed and explained the features of each of these devices and answered some frequently asked questions.

How do I choose a TENS unit?

Here are five essential factors to consider while purchasing the best portable devices.

Modes – It is recommendable to choose a Tens Unit with a wide range of modes to choose from. Some devices have many modes, while some have a limited number of modes. In addition, it should have many intensity levels so that you choose the most suitable modes and intensity from the wide array of selection.

Budget – Tens Unit devices have different price tags. Each price is directly proportional to the features you will find in the device you purchase. It is a good idea to buy the Unit with features that will be useful to you. It is also important to note that some low-end Units are as capable as the high-end Units are.

Ease of Use – It is essential to buy a device that is easy to learn its features and simple to use. The display screen should be backlit for easy readability. In addition, menu navigation should be easy, and the entire interface should be friendly and intuitive. It should not take a lot of effort to learn it.

Customer Service – It is very important to check on how good the customer services and the warranty period attached to the Tens Unit. Customer care should be responsive and friendly, in case the device malfunctions or fails to work. Also, find the device with the most extensive warranty. Warranty periods range from one year to a lifetime. To be on the safer side, choose the device with both excellent customer care service and lifetime warranty.

Portability – It is a good idea to buy the most portable device. If you travel a lot or carry it around, it is advisable to find the smallest and lightweight device with a protective case.

5 Best portable tens units reviewed

1. TENS 7000 DT7202

TENS 7000 system is an effective pain reliever that channels low-level electrodes to different parts of the body to manage pain. It has an uncomplicated menu screen and navigation buttons that are easy to use.

TENS 7000 DT7202
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Customizable Options – Every Tens user is different, and therefore each of them requires a device that is customized to suit their relief desires. Tens 7000 comes in handy with customizable five program modes and other settings. These modes include Burst Mode, Normal Mode, Modulation Mode, Strength-Duration Mode 1, and Strength-Duration Mode 2. Switching from one -mode to another is simple.

Built-In Timer – TENS 7000 has an excellent Built-in timer that enables you to set the duration of the session, and comfortably enjoy the massage. The timer has a long-lasting period of 60 minutes, which ensures you enjoy the session for an extended period. It saves users the challenge of checking the time while using the system instead of thoroughly relaxing. You can also set your session duration to a shorter period when you are in a hurry.

Channels – The TENS 7000 comes with independent dual channels that enable you to massage more than one area of the body using two or four pads simultaneously.It has two control knobs to regulate the simulation power of the dual-channel pulses. Each of these channels controls two electrodes unit pads.

Intensity – The device offers a 0-100mA current intensity range. Also, you choose the intensity level, the frequency, and the pulse that suits you. These settings enable you to customize your session treatments, as you desire.

Portability – The device is highly portable. It has a small compact size and, therefore, very easy to pack and carry. In addition, it comes with a protective, hard carrying case, which makes it great for people who travel a lot. The casing also keeps the device very safe as you carry it around.


  • It has no side effects
  • You can use it for a long period
  • Provides instant Pain Relief
  • Highly portable with a protective case
  • Has a simple menu navigation


  • Hard to read because it is not backlit
  • Pads often need to be replaced
  • It is not rechargeable

Summary: The TENS 7000 system is one of the best pain-relieving devices in the market. From severe muscle pains all through to mild pains, this device delivers to its promise. With the TENS 7000 system, you relieve your pain anywhere at your comfort.

2. TechCare Massager Plus 24

The Plus 24 TENS unit from Techcare is one of the best TENS devices. It comes with several impressive features. In addition, it features incredible aesthetics, so if you are looking for a powerful Tens Unit that combines into a beautiful look, Tens Unit Plus 24 is your perfect match.

TechCare Massager Plus 24
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Preprogrammed massage modes – Tens Unit Plus 24 comes with 24 pre-programmed modes that the device categorizes into six groups. These groups include Reflexology, Tai-Chi, Scrapping, Swedish, Kneading, and Cupping. All these modes offer you a great session experience because you can experiment and choose the option that suits your treatment needs. These modes provide different pulse strengths but have some similar simulations. Since people have different preferences, it is not easy to recommend the perfect option for you. You have to try all these combinations to make your decision.

Built-in Timer – The Tens Unit 24 has an extensive maximum time limit of 60 minutes. Once you begin your session, the timer will count up to 20 minutes, then halt. If you are in for an extensive session, you press the timer button, which increases extends the session time by 10 minutes every time you press. Also, you can easily switch to another mode during the session period.

Channels – The Tens Unit 24 has dual channels. Each channel has two pads, which makes a total of four. You can utilize these channels simultaneously with different intensity. You can also alter the intensity of each channel independently.

Intensity – It has 20 different intensity levels for each of the dual channels. They enable you to choose the strength and speed of the pulses according to need. However, the dual channels cannot run on different modes because they are not isolated. The intensity of the 24 modes is very efficient and can relieve pain instantly.


  • It has a simple interface that is very easy to use
  • The display is backlit, so you can easily read it
  • Has 24 modes, which the user can choose from
  • Has an inbuilt-timer
  • Offers has an extensive session period of 60 minutes
  • It has a rechargeable battery with long battery life


  • The two channels are not isolated, so you cannot run on different modes
  • Does not come with a protective case
  • Menu navigation is not easy because of the several modes

Summary: The TechCare plus 24 is an impressive device with impeccable features. It gives them total control of the settings. More exciting, all these features and capabilities wrap up into a small portable device.

3. iReliev BD20998

iReliev Tens unit is a superior and straightforward device that is simple to use. It comes with advanced safety precautions and very detailed instructions.

iReliev BD20998
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8 Pre-Programmed Therapy Modes – This device comes with eight pre-programmed therapy modes. Each of these programs has been pre-set to handle different types of pain, which include endorphin release, gate control, muscle spasms, fatigue, among others. To add on that, six of these programs handle severe pains; one is for relieving acute pain, and the last mode,which is P8, can relieve sharp and severe pains.

Intensity – Another feature of this device is 25 adjustable intensity levels. The difference between intensity levels is not noticeable at the start. However, it becomes more vigorous as you increase the levels. Comfortable intensity varies from person to another, depending on the pain used to relieve. It is a great thing that you are entirely in control of these settings, so you can choose what suits you best.

In-built timer – It comes with an in-built timer that can run for 60 minutes with an increment of five minutes. The timer is adjustable so you can adjust to the duration time that you want your session to take. However, the device comes with safety features that turn it off if it runs for too long. Moreover, it has a lock feature that protects users from accidental intensity level change.

Channels – This Tens unit features a dual-channel technology. The channel allows you to utilize a maximum of four electrodes simultaneously. You can separately set different intensities for the two channels.


  • Highly portable
  • It has 25 different levels of intensity that users can choose from
  • Features advanced safety measures
  • Has a long battery life
  • Simple to use


  • The device is rechargeable
  • The display is not backlit
  • Not user friendly

Summary: This device has excellent features and advanced safety measures. It is also very portable and quite simple to use. The fact that it features independent channels is fantastic. You cannot be wrong with this model.

4. TechCare BD21467

Are you tired of visiting a doctor each time you experience pain? TechCare Pro is here for you to relieve your pain and help you relax instantly. It is an aesthetically beautiful device that comes with incredible features.

TechCare BD21467
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Preprogrammed massage modes – It has 24 stimulation modes, which makes it outstanding than other units that have fewer massage modes. These modes are in six different groups. You choose the massage program to use according to your preference. The best way to find out which one suits you is by trying out each mode to find the most suitable one.

Channels – TechCarePro features a dual-channel technology with two pads per channel, with four pads being the maximum. In addition, each channel utilizes its independent intensity control. It means you can use different intensities on the two channels simultaneously by increasing or decreasing.

Intensity levels – This device has 20 intensity levels, which can be set independently within each channel. For instance, you can choose an intensity level of 7 for channel one and an intensity of 8 for channel two.

Rechargeable battery – TechCare Pro has a rechargeable battery that can last for 20 hours. It enhances its portability because it eradicates the challenges of running out of charge while you are in transit. Charging this device is as simple as charging any other smartphone.


  • Simple to use
  • Diverse 24 modes to choose from
  • Has a big backlit display which is easy to read
  • Adjustable timer with auto shut off
  • Has Long battery life and it is rechargeable


  • You cannot adjust the intensity for both channels simultaneously
  • Does not come with a protective case
  • Does not come with a pad placement diagram

Summary: This device comes with varied selections of modes, and it is straightforward to use. It has an attractive modern look and impressive features. It is worth its price tag.

5. TruMedic PL009

TruMedic Ten Electronic is an expert at pain management. It is also an ideal Tens Unit at improving joint mobility and hugely stimulating muscles and nerves. Generally, it is excellent at relaxing and massaging your whole body through low current electrotherapy.

(best portable tens unit) TruMedic PL009
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Preset programs- TruMedic features five automated body simulation programs. These programs highlight distinct designs according to how different muscle groups respond to different electronic pulses. Using these programs is very simple as it involves just selecting the massage and adjusting to the desired setting. Users have full control of the pulses, which guarantees that they get a fantastic massage.

Customizable massage – In addition to the preset programs for massages and variable speeds, TruMedic has three massage techniques. These three settings include Massage, Beat, and Knead settings. These modes enable you to control the rhythm and sensation of the electrotherapy session.

Repeat feature – While utilizing the preset programs like shoulder and back, the button does not restart the session right from the start. The program will run in circles from one program to another at a regular interval. If you find one program suitable and you do not want to change, you just press the repeat button. This feature will make the TENS Unit to stay on the current schedule without cycling through to the next program.

Portability – This handheld device is lightweight, small, and, therefore, very portable. The compact size makes it very efficient for you to carry it easily. It, therefore, eradicates the need to stay at home when you are experiencing pain because you take it with you to work.


  • Has a Long battery life
  • Approved by FDA for over the counter use
  • The control buttons are well labeled and therefore easy to use
  • Highly portable
  • Simple and effective


  • It does not operate for a limited period
  • It does not have a backlight design
  • Has only three modes

Summary: TruMedic is an excellent device for overcoming pain and soreness in the entire body. FDA approved it for use over the counter, and therefore you should be confident to use it. Purchasing this Tens unit will ensure you relax after a long hectic day at work and get instant relief whenever you have pains.

Benefits of a tens unit!

Control over your treatment – A TENS unit gives the total user control over the treatment session. You are free to choose the modes, intensity, duration, and the number of times you utilize the device. This freedom is unlike the medications whereby you are supposed to adhere to the dose and instructions involved strictly. Also, you don’t get to choose the types of meds, but for the Tens Unit, you are free to buy the device that suits your desires.

Effective for different conditions – A TENS unit can be useful for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions. From chronic all through to mild conditions, TENS to quickly provide relief. Besides, most of these devices have proven to improve moods, lessen anxiety, and depression. To add to that, it can provide the ultimate relaxation from fatigue.

Little or no side effects – Tens Units have minimal to side effects, unlike most drugs in the market used for pain management. As long as the user follows the guideline on how to use, they should not get any side effects. Most of these devices come with safety features that protect the user. However, it is advisable to seek the guidance of your doctor concerning the equipment you have.

You can use it at home – It is hectic to visit the doctor every time you experience pain. It is also time-consuming and might even be expensive. However, with TENS Units, you can get instant relief from the comfort of your home. No consultation money and no long trips to the doctor.

Portable – The most convenient feature on these devices is portability. It makes it great for people who travel a lot because they can easily carry them around. They have a small compact size that they are lightweight. Also, most of them come with a protective case that ensures the device is protected as you carry it around.

Types of tens units

TENS is one of the many available electrical stimulation techniques in the market. It therapeutically stimulates the nerves, therefore, reducing pain messages sent to the brain. There are two types of TENS unit devices based on how you put to use:

1: Applied directly to the skin – This type of TENS unit relieves pain by placing directly on the skin surface of the affected body part. Most of the pain management TENS units work this way. Many people mostly prefer them because they are simple to use. However, their electrodes often quickly become loose on the skin, which means you have to frequently buy new ones.

2: Separate handheld device – These are TENS units devices that have a handheld control unit and electrodes. You attach these electrodes to the part of the body that pain affects. It comes with two pairs that add up to 4 electrodes, and they have different sizes. You take each pair and apply it to the affected area. Moreover, you can use these electrodes simultaneously on different parts of the body, for example, on both shoulders.

Regardless of the method of application, TENS units deliver to their promise. They both work in the same way and provide the same results. It is important to note that different Units of the same type of TENS units have different portability capabilities. You should, therefore, find the most portable device while purchasing either of the types.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is a tens unit?

TENS is the short form for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS Unit devices utilize electrotherapy by applying low electric current to your body using electrodes. It provides massage, relaxation, and relieves pain in different body parts. When you connect the components to your aching or sore body parts, the electric current passed stimulates those areas consequently relieving the pain. Tens Unit devices are highly portable, efficient, and easy to use.

2. How much does a tens unit cost?

Different TENS units have different prices. They range from budget to high-end depending on their versatility, capabilities, and features. Mostly, they range from thirty dollars to hundreds of dollars. You should be able to find a device that suits your budget.

3. Where to buy a Tens unit?

TENS units can be available on several platforms. To begin with, you can purchase them from online websites such as Amazon, and many others. In addition, several local retailers and medical shops sell these devices. With all these sellers in place, it should not be difficult to find a TENS unit.

The Final Words (Summary)

Having reviewed the best portable Tens Unit in detail, finding the most portable Unit to buy should be easy. It should not take you time to narrow down to the device that suits you from the above list. It is time to say goodbye to fatigue, painful muscles, and low moods. Choose to come back home from a hectic day and enjoy instant relief at the comfort of your home. Make an informed choice now and purchase a TENS unit that suits you best.

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