5 Best Recliners for Tall Man in 2021

Recliners are a piece of important furniture for your living space, but reclining chairs aren’t created equal. You can find a good recliner that enables you to relax on the weekends, or you might select a recliner that enables you to lean back to help you sleep comfortably. Most people with movement problems or joint issues prefer sleeping on their recliners, and others require suitable furniture that makes watching television more exciting.

Many recliners come with armrests, footrests, backrests, and other supporting configurations for more comfort and relief. Therefore, if you are looking for the best recliners, ensure that you invest in a suitable one to make the coming days more enjoyable. Here are a quick buying guide and a list of the best recliners for tall man.

A Quick Look at the Best Tall Man Recliners

1.(Best Recliners For Tall Man) Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19Lane Home Furnishings
2.Newport Black Swivel ReclinerBenchMaster
3.Signature Design by Ashley Power Lift ReclinerSignature Design by Ashley
4.Power Lift ReclinerCoaster Home Furnishings
5.ANJ Electric Recliner ChairANJ

5 Best Recliners For Tall Man Reviewed

1. Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19

Whether you’re recovering from a recent surgical procedure or suffering from arthritis, movement tends to stand significantly affected in the same way. In such scenarios, a reclining sofa can come to your rescue because it enables you to rest throughout the day as you watch your favorite programs, scanning through your novels as well as taking short naps whenever you want.

(Best Recliners For Tall Man) Lane Home Furnishings 4501-19
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Modern look – The modern and casual look of the Lane 4501 recliner can act as an ideal addition to your living room and even highlight its aesthetic appearance. You can also pair up the sofa with a bookcase, chair-side table, or floor lamp for that comfortable feeling.

Heavy-duty steel frame – The designers of this recliner have also considered the limited space of current apartments while making this sofa which has a steel frame fitted with a lever-recline functionality. That makes this recliner sofa a wall-saver alternative requiring limited wall clearance by providing you with easy mobility.

Soft polyester fabric – While the recliner sofa comes wrapped in many foam pads, its rolled cushions and armrests come with additional pillow-top layers. The soft polyester fabric of this Lane recliner also adds to its level of comfort and seems incredibly plush on your skin. This masculine sofa can sustain maximum weight capacity making it ideal for broad structured and tall people.

  • The heavy-duty steel frame that provides enough support to big and tall men
  • Reclines comfortably
  • Easy to follow guidelines for sofa assembly
  • Soft polyester fabric adds to the level of comfort, and it’s also extremely plush against your skin
  • Strong and sturdy recliner which serves as an excellent crushing pad for well-built and tall men after a tiring day at work
  • The small lever is pretty difficult to pull making it necessary to have a lever extender
  • It’s a bit expensive

Summary: If you are looking for a comfortable recliner sofa that provides you with easy mobility after a surgical procedure or when suffering from joint problems, this product is a great option for you.

2. Newport Black Swivel Recliner

Whether you need a recliner as an office chair or for relaxation at home, the Swivel recliner can make your life more comfortable and much easier. When you add an Ottoman into the combination, and you will enjoy more comfort and relaxation, making the reclining chair ideal for sleeping in or napping.

Newport Black Swivel Recliner
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Inbuilt headrest – The inbuilt headrest and plush armrests assist in making this striking black chair a great combination of good comfort and great looks. The reclining chair is not as heavy as many recliners. You can easily attach it to an RV’s floor, which means it’s serviceable on the move.

Steel springs for maximum comfort – The recliner swivels a complete 360-degrees and also reclines to a depth of approximately 45-degrees. The matching ottoman makes the recliner ideal for reading, relaxing, and even watching television.

Leather upholstery – The Mahogany wood base and black upholstery are a great blend of stylish design and unique color selection. Whether you want to incorporate a feeling of casual fun or to decorate your summer home, it’s a wonderful design that provides you with firm support. You can also enjoy the low profile of this reclining chair if you are on the elfin side. If you are mobility impaired or tall, you might find this chair to be uncomfortable.

  • It’s pretty comfortable
  • The leather upholstery is easy to maintain and eco-friendly
  • It comes with an inbuilt headrest
  • The unusual recliner adds a sense of style
  • A good option for RV living and a seasonal home
  • The swivel system is plastic, and at times you can feel it grinding
  • It might not be suitable for people that need incredibly hard-wearing furniture
  • It might not be a good option for tall people because it sits relatively low to the floor

Summary: If you are looking for a recliner sofa that combines a bit of a design and style statement, or you love the footrest of your reclining chair to be entirely optional, then this sofa is your best bet.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

If you are looking for a stylish power lift reclining chair, then this Yandel sofa from Signature Design is a great selection. It’s generally a perfect combination of style and functionality into one.

Signature Design by Ashley Power Lift Recliner
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Dual motors – You can enjoy that comfortable and relaxing feeling just with one touch of a button. The reclining chair has dual motors to get you in a reclined position while elevating your legs separately for maximum comfort.

Battery backups – The sofa also comes with battery backup that’s powered by two 9 Voltage batteries in case of power shut down. However, the batteries do not come with the package, so you have to buy them.

Good upholstery and foam cushions – When it comes to the design, the upholstery of the chair looks like leather, but it’s made with a special material which gives it a comfortable and warm look. It also includes a metal-supported seat which comes with soft and durable cushions. The durable foam cushions assist in protecting the interior of the reclining chair if you accidentally slash it using a sharp object.

  • The reclining chair has a contemporary design and a wide seat which makes it perfect for big men
  • The leather reclining chair easily fits in with the existing setup of your furniture as well as accentuating the aesthetic appeal
  • The hustle back enhances lumbar support making it an excellent selection for individuals with back problems
  • If the stuffing is too heavy for your comfort, you can remove it from the chair
  • The buttery smooth mechanics assist in setting both the reclining in a stress-free manner and chaise upright
  • Not suitable for small apartments or cramped living quarters
  • Chair assembly is pretty challenging
  • The recliner comes in only one color

Summary: The Yandel power lift reclining chair is a perfect selection for a tall man with a broad frame. And it’s generally the best recliner for tall men across the world.

4. Coaster Home Furnishings CO-600398

The Power Lift recliner is designed in a way that it appears like it’s yearning to offer you a comforting hug from the first instance. Its thick padding and charcoal color never fail to show an unmatched invitation of cuddling up on a cold winter afternoon when taking a cup of hot coffee and watching your favorite program on the TV.

Power Lift Recliner
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High-quality polyester upholstery – The classic and simple design of this recliner can easily blend in with your living room aesthetics while accentuating the same. The textured chenille upholstery of this chair adds an upscale elegance and also feels extremely plush against your skin.

Seamless reclining mechanism – The seamless reclining mechanism gives you effortless comfort, and it easily activated through a fingertip touch. This comfortable reclining chair ensures that your comfort meter remains filled throughout even when you are trying to change your sitting or sleeping postures.

Power activated lift mechanisms – The reclining and lift mechanisms are usually power activated. This 31-inch-wide reclining chair can sustain a weight capacity of 350 pounds on the higher side. It also comes with a five years’ warranty on the lift mechanism functionalities, keeping you safe from having to fret about the expensive replacements.

  • Plywood and birch construction makes it durable while catering to the level of comfort
  • The charcoal hue upholstery prevents the reclining chair from becoming dirty which makes maintenance a stress-free endeavor
  • The lift and reclining mechanisms are usually powered to allow ease of use
  • The 100% polyester fabric feels good on the skin, and it doesn’t trigger any irritations even during the hot seasons
  • The side pockets are particularly helpful in storing remote and other small items
  • The back and feet recline mechanisms cannot work independently from each other
  • The chair is a bit pricey

Summary: If you are looking for a seat that offers extended reclining, then this product is ideal for maximum comfort. The overall performance and design are satisfactory, and it’s worth having, particularly if you are a tall and big man.

5. ANJ Electric Recliner Chair

The ANJ Electric Recliner is a perfect option if you are constantly experiencing back pain and other related symptoms whenever you are sitting down. The reclining chair enables you to easily get a fast massage when you’re working without taking a break from your work.

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair
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Comfortable design – The design of this chair might not be as comfy as a couple of many other options you find on the market, but the main idea is for you to lay down a bit as you get a quick massage.

Power lift mechanism – The ANJ reclining chair comes with four inbuilt functions that make it a fantastic product. The first one is a power lift mechanism that enables you to adjust the standard height of the recliner. With this functionality, you can make sure that it provides you with the ability to reach the top of your working desk to continue working as you utilize the device.

Inbuilt massage system – The reclining chair also provides an inbuilt massage system that uses rollers to offer you relieve in your buttocks, legs, and back. That means you will experience a good massage every time you rest on the reclining chair.

Vibration technology and heating functionality – The recliner also comes with vibration technology, which enhances the efficiency of your massage, whereas the heating functionality keeps you warm on the reclining chair and also provides you with several health benefits as well.

  • It comes with inbuilt rollers
  • It combines both heat and vibration to give you an improved experience
  • The inbuilt lifting mechanism can be beneficial in many cases
  • It’s a good option to relieve back pain
  • It’s pretty affordable
  • The recliner doesn’t feature similar comfortable designs as some of the other options that we have discussed in this post
  • A speaker system can be incredibly useful in this recliner

Summary: If you are constantly experiencing some back pains or any other related symptoms when you are seated in front of your work desk, and you are looking for a reclining seat that will give you relief, then this product can be a great option.

Things to Consider when Buying a Tall Man Recliner

Purchasing furniture for your home can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. Generally, recliners are placed in the living space and also meant for regular use. Hence, it is important to strike the right balance of harmony between artistic decorum and comfort requirements. There are several pre-requisites of purchasing recliners, which can have a significant role to play when it comes to ensuring your happiness and health in the years to come.

1. Quality – If you are planning to spend a high amount of cash on a recliner, you should ensure that the quality is good. Although there are various fabrics to consider, leather recliners will always score high when it comes to quality. Apart from leather recliners, you can also browse those made with microfibers as well. Nevertheless, leather recliners are easy to clean and maintain and pretty durable as well.

2. Size – Your living room should have an excellent setting, and subsequently, you have to select your recliner. Therefore, if you think that a big-sized recliner is all you’re impressed with, your living room space will then matter. As a result, a recliner sofa set or a single seat recliner will make a style statement.

3. Functionality – Do not purchase a recliner sofa for just a style statement or the sake of it. Functionality is an important factor in selecting the right recliner seat. When it comes to functionality, you only need to make a list of everything you want. For instance, you can look for recliners with lumbar support or with articulated headrest, among other things. You can also find some stress-less recliners that you can consider for relaxing at the end of a tiresome day as well.

4. Comfort – The main objective of having a good recliner in your living room is the level of comfort it provides, and that is what will give you fulfillment at the end of the day. Therefore, it’s imperative to check the main materials and fabrics used in making the recliner sofa. Regardless of the materials used, the recliner should make a comfortable resting sofa for you without causing you any pain or discomfort.

5. Budget – Recliner sofas are not like the ordinary seats but are technologically stylized and enriched to the core. That is the main reason why they are a bit expensive than simple sofa sets or couches. Nonetheless, you should do thorough research to find out which recliner covers the main features within your current budget.

The Final Words (Summary)

It’s undeniable that a recliner enables you to experience an incredibly comfortable feeling when you relax on it while watching your favorite program on the television or simply resting on it after a hectic day at work. Apart from that, the sofa also makes it pretty easy for you to get rid of tension and stress by allowing you to rest flat on your back while you’re in a reclining position.

However, keep in mind that for you to enjoy the full benefits of a good recliner sofa, you should select the one that will perfectly suit your size. If you are tall and big, you will surely benefit from the five best recliner for tall man I’ve included in the above list.

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