How Does a Tens Unit Work?

How Does a Tens Unit Work

TENS units are growing popular in this modern-day period. This is often because of the benefits it often presents, coupled with the fact that these devices reduce the rate of pain medication intake, which could sometimes be dangerous and addictive. The TENS unit works as the name suggests by electrical nerve stimulation of the body’s trans cutaneous layer. Research indicates that these devices relieve pain effectively when used properly and with minimal side effects compared to other forms of pain relief often used.

TENS Unit Working Strategies

These devices are often thought to relieve pain in at least two ways during utilization. These include;

Blockage of pain signals: This is usually achieved when the machine is set on a high pulse rate. Thus, when connected to the painful site, the electrical impulses generated by the machine will flood the nervous system. Thus, overtaking pain signal transmission and replacing it with the generated impulses. For some time, the brain will be processing and dealing with the generated impulses rather than pain impulses. Henceforth, in the process, blocking the pain signals and the pain felt all together.

Release of endorphins

Release of endorphins: Endorphins are natural pain relievers often released by the body during a painful ordeal. Thus, through the stimulation by the device, although at a much lower impulse generation, the body systems will be stimulated to release these pain-relieving chemicals. They will eventually flood the body, thus relieving an individual from pain in the process.

How to Use a TENS Unit

Using these devices properly is what guarantees exceptional results in terms of pain relief. Thus, below are some guidelines for using a TENS unit properly without causing further pain or additional consequences to your general health status.

Preparation of TENS unit

Preparation: Make sure that you have a properly functioning TENS unit with all the accessories such as the wires, connectors, electrode patches, power source, belt clip, among others. You should also inspect them for any faults like exposed wires, broken connectors, faulty patches, and such to ensure that the package is in peak condition.

Cleaning the affected area: It is important that you clean off the affected area using detergent or oils, then wipe it to ensure that it is clean, fresh, and dry. This will be vital in ensuring that the patches stick firmly to the desired area without falling off or moving around, as this may cause discomfort during treatment.

Positioning the pads: This is a very important step to consider. Therefore, before you begin, make sure that the TENS unit is fully switched off. Henceforth, you may take the patches out from the storage bag and insert the lead-wires into the connectors on each patch. Afterward, you should also plug the remaining end of the lead wires into the socket on top of the device.

Place the patches on your cleaned skin area while positioning them at least an inch apart on either side of the painful area. They should not be in contact with any metal object.

Note: While doing this, you should remember to save the storage bag for future use and also ensure that no bare metal pins are exposed in any way as these could be hazardous.

Adjusting the Strength: After properly completing the above step, you may then turn on the TENS unit. You will then turn to the dial device, and starting on a low intensity, and you should gradually increase the impulses emitted up to a comfortable level where the pain is canceled out.

Adjusting the Strength of TENS unit

You may feel tingling sensations as you dial the control knob. However, if you surpass your comfort levels, the TENS unit may further become uncomfortable, suggesting a lowering of the intensity of the electrical impulses a little for comfortable use.

Disassembly: After you have reached the recommended use time frame or you are satisfied by the pain relief process, you would want to remove the TENS unit from your body and stop the treatment. To do this, you will first switch off the device and carefully remove the lead wires from the patches’ connectors. You may then gently take off the patches from the skin and place them in the plastic liner and to the plastic storage bag. Finally, you may pack all the accessories and place them in the overall storage bag for safe storage, awaiting the next use.

The Final Words (Summary)

The TENS units are usually fairly priced and recommended by top medical experts for pain relief utilization. Thus, by properly following the usage guidelines, you will live a pain-free life with minimal pain-relieving medications intake. Therefore, you should go through this article to familiarize yourself with how the TENS unit works and how to use it properly for maximal pain relief experience.

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