How to Clean a Recliner?

How to Clean a ReclinerRecliners are currently valued pieces of furniture in many homes since they provide relaxation and comfort for many. Nevertheless, during use, these chairs often get dirty from food spills and even dust stains. The dirt, if not properly cleaned and managed, can often make the recliner appear unappealing and untidy. Similarly, a dirty recliner may be unhealthy for the users and can often shorten the durability of these chairs. To avoid these problems and some other negative consequences, you need to know how to clean a recliner. You occasionally need to clean your recliner properly.

How to Clean a Recliner? (Steps to Properly Cleaning Your Recliner)

Cleaning a recliner is often not a costly exercise and can be done individually without the hiring of professional help. The following steps should be of assistance.

1. Familiarizing yourself with the finishing material

This is often a necessary step but mostly ignored by many. In this step, you should check on the type of material and fabric used in the recliner by referring to the labels and instructional manual on cleaning. Recliners are made from different materials such as pure leather, faux leather, cloth, and microfibers, among others. The trick here is to understand that different materials require different cleaning methods as some cleaning methods when used on a material, might damage them, thus destroying the recliner chair.

2. Begin by shallow cleaning

How to Clean a Recliner

This step is majorly involving vacuuming of the recliners. Vacuuming is often efficient in all types of material. Thus, in this step, you will be getting rid of all debris and loose dust that might have been situated in the chairs. This cleaning step is, however, not enough as it does not remove stuck debris and stains; hence it warrants for the next cleaning step.

3. Deep cleaning of the recliner

These include several methods for specific materials. Thus, certain methods can only be applied to particular materials and not others. Choosing a deep cleaning method is also often considered of several other factors, such as the amount of dirt on the recliner, the budget, and the time available for the whole process to be complete.

After careful consideration of the above factors, then you may choose any of the following deep recliner cleaning methods and start the actual cleaning. They include;

  • Water and dish soap method
  • Upholstery solvent method
  • Steam cleaning
  • Vinegar cleaning

In this piece, we will focus on the most common recliner materials that are the faux leather and real leather and the easiest and cheapest deep cleaning method, which is the water and dish soap method.

Water and Mild Detergent Solution Method

4. Deep cleaning of faux leather recliners 

These are false leather with the feel and appearance of real leather. They are often much cheaper than genuine leather and similarly accumulates stains and dust just like any other material. Steps to be followed;

This method involves the use of water and soap. Other tools required include a bucket, dish detergent, rags, and paper towels.

  1. You will, therefore, acquire some warm water in a bucket and add some mild dish detergent and mix thoroughly.
  2. You will then dip a clean rag into the mixture, squeeze out the excess water, and the cloth is ready for cleaning.
  3. You will pass the cloth over the smooth surfaces and the corners of the recliner, gently wiping away the dust while ensuring that you rinse the rags after every pass. It is, however, essential to ensure that you do not get the materials too wet or scrub them too hard as these practices may damage the material.
  4. Finally, you will wipe off the surfaces cleaned with the paper towels and allow the chair some time to air dry thoroughly.

Deep cleaning of real leather recliners

Furthermore, with extra money for the cleaning project, you may buy special faux leather polishes. Thus after thoroughly cleaning and air drying the recliner, you may apply the polish using a dry rug while carefully following application instructions provided by the manufacturers. This will ensure that the faux material retains its glow; however, it is not an essential cleaning method but an optional.

5. Deep cleaning of real leather recliners

Cleaning of genuine leather often requires precision and careful cleaning. This is because leather materials are often costly, and damaging one could be very costly to the recliner owner. Thus, many people often hire professionals for this. Nevertheless, you can always follow the following simple steps to clean your leather recliner.

  1. First, you will mix the essential materials that are white vinegar and water in equal proportions.
  2. Then, you will dip a clean rag into the solution, wring it, and then use the semi-wet cloth to wipe the surfaces of the chair.
  3. You will then use dry paper towels to wipe off any moisture on the surfaces of the leather recliner. You should also keep in mind not to make the leather too wet and also make sure to dry all the water as these might seriously damage the leather over time.
  4. Finally, you should apply a leather cream or conditioner to keep the leather fresh and healthy.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

The two above materials are some of the common recliner manufacturing cover materials. Nevertheless, cleaning them is often not a very demanding task, and thus, you should just follow the above guidelines on how to clean a recliner precisely and will properly clean your recliner chair. In any case, your recliner is very dirty, or you are not sure of your cleaning, you should contact a professional to avoid damaging the recliner and the material.

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