How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy?

How to Make Rice Bags for Heat Therapy

Instead of the neck and shoulder massager, you also have the leeway to choose to work with the rice bags. These, when heated, do manage to give off the benefit of heat therapy. Our final segment of the article endeavors to explain how to make the rice bags for heat therapy.

Steps to Properly Making Rice Bags for Heat Therapy

Tools and Materials Required:

  • A fat quarter of 100% Cotton Material
  • 6 cups of uncooked rice
  • 10-20 drops essential oils
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

Step 1: Prepare the material

Start off by preparing the material for the subsequent purpose of making the bag. To do this, fold the material into three equal parts and in the lengthwise direction. After this, proceed to cut along each fold in order to come up with three strips of material outcomes.

Prepare the material

Step 2: Cut each strip in half

Go ahead thereafter to cut each strip in half. Doing this will give rise to 6 rectangles.

Step 3: Assemble each segment together

Pick some two rectangles and line them on top of each other while at the same time forming a pattern that faces in. After this, sew the three sides of the material while leaving the other side unsewn. Finish off this step by turning the bag on the right side out.

Assemble each segment together

Step 4: Deep cleaning of real leather recliners

At this stage, you have to mix the uncooked rice and some 10 droplets of essential oils. Vary the droplets of the essential oils in line with the strength of the scent you want to attain at the tail end of the game. As soon as you are through with this procedure, leave the mixture to sit in for some 10 minutes or so for maximum absorption. Thereafter scoop the rice into the bag.

Step 5: Deal with the open side

Having inserted the rice in the bag, you now have to deal with the open side of the bag. Fold the material that exists on the open end of the bag for around half an inch long. Pinch the ends of the bag and sew it firmly after that to make it completely closed.

Step 6: Heat the bag

You now have to heat the bag with the uncooked rice. Use a microwave oven for this job as it is the one that is most suited for the task. Set a temperature level that is humane and comfortable to your skin and the identified areas of your body.

Heat the Bag

Step 7: Remove the bag from the microwave oven

At the conclusion of the heating exercise, remove the bag from the microwave oven. Let it cool, test it and then see to it that it is safer for your skin before proceeding to lay it there.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

This is an exercise that requires some tact and slowness. We caution against you rushing through it as that might be disastrous on your part. Most importantly, you have to see to it that you spend not too much of your utility expenses. Take good care also that you put not your hands in harm’s way as you do this.

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