Improve Brain Function with Exercise, Sleep and Mind Boosting Supplements and Drugs

As humans, we have always prided ourselves with our innate intellect. It may be difficult to pinpoint when we have used it first, but it has been there since the dawn of our kind. We have developed from simple-minded yet innovative beings into the globally dominant species of today. You may attribute this phenomenon to our opposable thumbs, as we are the only beings in the world that have these. Monkeys and other primates are a close second, but not to the extent of what we can do with it. We can credit that to our ability to think and learn, and paired with our physical prowess we are now ruling the known world.

Improve Brain Function with Exercise

However, we still have our limitations. Even if we can consider ourselves as the more advanced species, we are still hindered by our intellectual boundaries. We cannot hold information for a lifetime because our brain is deteriorating as we age. Even though we wish we have the same brain capacity forever, it goes through a series of generation to decay. It is just an inevitable part of life, along with growing older, losing memories and skills that you could do when you were still young. It can be a problem if these occur way too fast and you might need to see a doctor. However, natural deterioration of our mind is normal.Read the study by clicking here.

What Can You Do To Slow It Down?

For one, you need to keep using your brain while you still can. Studies show that a stagnant state of mind can actually increase the possibility of having diseases like Alzheimer’s. How can your brain stay active, you ask? First, you need to find a mentally stimulating habit. Learning a new language, for example, is credited to the slow development of Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly. As language helped in developing our brain when we were young, it can also help mitigate the effects of that disease when we are older.

Board games are also great in keeping our mental state active and healthy. These games require strategy and as such, needs for you to think before you can make a move. Games like chess, checkers, games of the generals and even Scrabble can help in stimulating brain activity. Even modern video games that require strategy and higher thinking help in creating new ways to develop our mental activity. It might not be great to expose yourself to it all the time, but it can be good once in a while.

Improve Brain Function

Physical exercise is also quite good for our mental health. A lot of research shows that having enough exercise results to a better mental capacity. People who exercise also have better memory and can think critically because they are also active in their minds. Even 30 minutes of physical activity every morning does not just reduce the chances of having health problems, but improves mood and your thinking skills as well. It might take a bit more effort to pull off, but it doesn’t hurt for you to run a little every morning.

Sleep is also vital for our own mental health. As we rest, we regenerate a lot of our body’s cells. Our nerve cells might not grow as fast as our blood cells, but having good sleep every night helps in their growth and development. The nervous system needs to have enough rest before it can function well, so get that sleep right. It depends on the person if they need to have 6 or more hours of sleep. Some people just need 5 and they are already alright. However, it is advised to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night for better mental functions. Click here to read more:

Still need help with your mental capabilities? Maybe you should try to eat and take the right stuff.

The Right Stuff

In order to stay healthy, we should always watch what we eat. There are so many things that could go wrong if we do not eat right. Heart problems, digestive diseases and all these other ailments can be devastating if we do not eat right. For our mental capacity to improve, there are also a few things we can take.

Improve Brain with Exercise

Coffee is one of those substances that you cannot escape when we are talking about brain function. Caffeine, a substance also found in tea, actually helps in perking us up and keeping us awake. This is why we feel alert and active after we drink coffee. However, coffee addiction is also a real thing so just drink coffee when you really need it. A cup a day is great but a pot full is a disaster waiting to happen. Aside from the acids that can destroy your stomach, too much coffee also leads to heart problems. Coffee is nice but too much is not good for you.

Nootropics are also getting popular these days as a way to improve our brain function. There are natural herbal options like ginkgo biloba that helps in making our nerve cells healthy. The nootropic modafinil is also known to help with a lot of mental problems like narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. It can also help with sleep apnea.  There is some side effects when taking this drug, so make sure to check with a doctor before taking in this medicine. Like with most medications, having an expert’s advice really does help.

Mental capacity is not the same for everyone. Some of us can take in information faster than others. Some can memorize entire songs within minutes while others cannot even comprehend a single sentence. As with most skills, we should always try and develop our mental capacity. Living a healthy life does work wonders with our intelligence and understanding. Taking in medication like nootropics is not bad as long as you have a doctor’s prescription. They can help when you really need it but do not overdo any kind of medication.

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